And some cool shoes for the little dudettes

By Mir
July 16, 2007

I don’t know why I’m so shoe-happy today (moreso than usual, anyway). I just figured I’d throw this one out there as well.

A couple of weeks ago I realized we’d landed in Georgia smack in the middle of the summer and somehow my daughter didn’t have any play sandals. I started shopping and guess what I found? Nothing. I found nothing.

To be more accurate: I found that she could have flip-flops or platform sandals or any manner of other inappropriate-for-actual-play sandals. But finding sturdy sport sandals for girls in youth sizes proved nearly impossible.

I ended up buying her these Stride Rite Kids’ Terrapin Sandals at Endless, because they were under $15 shipped, they’re a bona fide sturdy sport sandal, and they come in bright pink. (They also come in boy colors, but there are boy sandals everywhere. I think the girl version is a rarity.)

They have no sequins, heels, cartoon characters, or tiny little decorative (read: useless) straps. They are real shoes for a real kid, and they’re downright cheap for Stride Rites. Just thought I’d share.


  1. Thank you, Pretty, great tip! I also got them in green/yellow for my boys. You’re right about girl sandals being way WAY harder to find, though. I like me some sequins and Hello Kitty, but they are not as good for the outside running around and climbing.

  2. Check out Old Navy for things like that too. Regular play sandals for my daughter were $10 full price. Bonus if you have a store nearby (we do now) because they have sales

  3. We have these exact sandals for my 6 yr old girl. The pink still looks good even after lots of mud. And they are definately sturdy!

  4. Thanks, Mir! I found a great pair of Cars skateboard shoes for my son. Originally $19.95, marked down to $11.89 and shipped for -5.00 for a grand total of $6.89! Woohoo!

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