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By Mir
July 17, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Some of these turn out to just be so-so deals and some are great deals, but here is the complete list of Amazon magazine subscriptions that carry an instant $5 rebate. I think the cheapest subscriptions end up being $3 for the year.

Magazines always ship free through Amazon, and count towards your minimum for Super Saver Shipping, too. Plus then you won’t send me those “I ordered through soandso and had terrible problems” emails (I hope). (Not that I mind those emails; I always want to know if I recommend a place that ends up being rotten, I just prefer it when everyone is happy.)


  1. Thanks! I got a subscription to Redbook and Good Housekeeping for $8.00 total. Not bad!

  2. me too! thanks!

  3. and I got to get two books that I had been wanting to order (but was under the free shipping minimum) shipped for free!

  4. Does anyone know, if I order two one-year subscriptions, will I get two issues, or will I get two years? Good Houskeeping doesn’t have a two-year subscription offer, but I can order two one-year subs and get $10 off.

  5. I always check out Ebay before I buy a magazine subscription. I have gotten many inexpensive or free magazines that way. If a magazine subscription I want comes with 2 or 3 free ones I don’t care about, I just take those magazines with me to my doctors’ appointments and leave them in the waiting room for others to enjoy.

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