Pssst! Scooba!

By Mir
July 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Frequent (and pretty) reader Zukppr shot me an email to let me know that the Scooba Floor Washing Robot is currently marked waaaaay down at eCost—just $145.

Now, be sure to look over the specs. This one is refurbished and is the smaller of the available models. Still, this price (even with shipping) beats Amazon and Overstock by quite a bit.

And the only thing more fun to say than Roomba is Scooba. Clearly.

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  1. Scooby-Doo arrived yesterday and has already shown the stuff he’s made of 🙂 4 clean floors and counting. And, they FEEL clean. It’s good to know that while my hands recover from surgery the floors are still getting cleaned. Now, if iRobot would invent one which would fold and put the laundry away, empty the dishwasher, and clean out and organize my daughter’s closet .

    eCost estimated 3 to 8 business day delivery for ground shipping. Scooby arrived in 48 hours and was happy to be reunited with Elousie (our Roomba).

    it only took 20 minutes to type out this message

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