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By Mir
July 23, 2007

One of the sites with whom I’m an affiliate sent me a “this weeks deals” sort of email, and that’s fine because most of the sites I work with send me various sorts of deal alerts.

The problem I’m having is that this particular site (which shall remain nameless) headlined this edition as BACK TO SCHOOL SAVINGS and then the next thing I see is a special deal on on a Sony Playstation.

Because when it’s time to head back to the classroom, you need your pencils, your notebooks, a ruler, some crayons, and a $300 gaming console.


  1. Yeah, but Mir, is it a PS3? ‘Cause 300 bucks for a PS3 really is a deal. Seriously!

  2. Yeah, if that’s the case, point me in that direction, cause those things JUST dropped from $600 to $500….

  3. LOL. This reminds me of a sign I saw outside a pet store last summer. It said “BACK TO SCHOOL! TIME FOR A NEW PUPPY!”

  4. Hey Mir,

    Do you get paid for just our clicking on the links you provide, or only when we purchase something after we go through one of your links, or both depending on the affiliate relationship? I think you’re awesome, btw, for providing such a cool and helpful (and fun) service!!

  5. I think Mir does get paid for the links we click. Not to burst the bubble, but if you hover over most of the links on this site, you will see they don’t lead directly to the name of the site that has the deal.

  6. Jenny and others: When you see a link that doesn’t appear to lead directly to the store in question, that means I have an affiliate relationship with that merchant. If you click the links and don’t buy, I don’t make any money. If you click the link and end up buying, I make a small commission on the sale. Ditto for if you choose to shop the merchants in the left sidebar through my links.

    I do not have affiliate relationships with all the merchants I recommend, but the money I make off of the sales generated this way pays for my hosting fees and allows me to justify spending several hours a day searching for deals instead of doing real work. 😉

  7. Well, that’s good to know. Next time I order from Amazon, I’ll cruise by here and enter their site via your link. Share the love, people!

  8. A Playstation for back-to-school? Gee, I’m putting all the wrong things on the supply list for my class. But on that topic — if you see some more awesome deals from the Office Supply Depot/Maxes, I’ll use them. Even better if I can get a deal and make you money at the same time!

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