Doodle for less

By Mir
July 30, 2007

My kids have begged for the various Doodle Bear products for years, and I’ve never gotten them any, because the prices have always completely mystified me. Now they’re (theoretically) a bit old for them, but they still think they’re the neatest things ever. Probably because the idea of drawing on their toys without getting into trouble is so appealing.

Anyway! Need a Doodle Bear? Check out these markdowns at Boscov’s:

The Secret Stylin Doodle Bear is down to $4.99 from $27.99.

The Magic Glow Doodle Bear is also down to $4.99 from $27.99.

And the Dazzlin Make-over Doodle Bear is down to $4.99 from $17.99.

Unfortunately, shipping is a flat $9.95 at Boscov’s regardless of the size of your order—good for buying furniture, not so great for buying little bears unless you’re buying a bunch. But if you’re looking to stock up or are buying other stuff as well, it’s a great deal.

Right up until your kid starts coloring on the furniture. Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Santa brought my kids a Doodle Bear and Doodle Pony, and even at $4.99, buyer beware. The novelty of the drawing on the toy wore off mighty quickly, and now they’re just one more stuffed toy at the end of the bed. Arrggghhh….

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