Lego deals

By Mir
August 2, 2007

They’ve just added a slew of new stuff to the sale area at the Lego Store; too many things to list, but in particular there are plenty of brick packs (100 of the same size/color brick) marked down from $5.99 to $.98.

You wouldn’t be able to sit down and build a SuperUltraMegaDeathStarCreature with one of those, or anything, but it’s a great (and cheap) way to augment an existing collection, if you’re so inclined. And if you’re picking up a set or a watch or a video game (I’m not kidding, go check out all the deals), anyway, why not?


  1. Thanks, Mir! Santa picked up some stocking stuffers as well as the tic-tac-toe games that I think could be great items for the gift closet.

  2. Okay, so on the one hand… awesome gifts, great motor skills toys. On the other hand… legos all over the floor.

    It’s a tough choice, but thanks for the deal, Mir!

  3. Awesome AWESOME! My husband LOVES Legos and I always get him one super-big super-fancy set for Christmas every year. He also loves Batman (no, I am not married to an eleven year old), so I was THRILLED to see the Batmobile Lego set HALF OFF! HOORAY!!! Three 75% off Bionicles made it into my shopping cart, too. He’s going to be so happy come December! Thanks, Mir!

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