Crib bedding on the cheap

By Mir
August 4, 2007

When you’re having your first baby, you want a picture-perfect nursery. You go out and spend hundreds of dollars, because your baby is worth it, and you don’t yet know that Baby is going to barf on everything you buy.

(By the second kid you usually wise up.)

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with wanting adorable crib bedding. But promise me you won’t pay through the nose for it, because I am here to tell you that unspeakable things will happen to that bedding before your child moves out of the crib. ‘Nuff said.

Check out these two deeply discounted bedding sets at Amazon, though—both are down to just $29.99 from an original price of $150: Quack Quack and Peek-A-Boo Bear.


  1. I absolutely love the duck one, but I’m not expecting (nor do I plan to expect).

    Of course, I’ll probably find out I’m pregnant then this won’t be cheap anymore.

  2. always has great deals on crib bedding, too.

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