If you’re serious about clean toilets. . .

By Mir
August 7, 2007
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… and your holy grail is the Ultimate Toilet Bowl Cleaner…

(in which case… ummm… get a hobby?)

you might want to try the Scotch-Brite disposable toilet scrubber for free by combining an in-store coupon with a rebate.

You know me; I’m not huge on rebates. Plus I don’t really believe cleaning toilets requires a whole separate arsenal of products, but to each her own. May all your bowls be shiny!


  1. I picked up something at the grocery store that you actually install into the back of your commode and is supposed to clean your toilet whenever you flush it. I have a yellow and a blue toilet put in my house back in the 60’s when it was built, and I don’t know if it’s my water or the old toilets, but I always have a brown film on the bowl even a day after I scrub it, but I have not had that since I put the new cleaner in it. It is supposed to last for three months, and then you can buy refills.

    Ok, I just looked it up online, and it is the Kaboom Never Scrub continuous toilet cleaning system, and you can get a free one here: http://www.kaboomkaboom.com/product.m?sku=135096A00

  2. I went to order mine, and the shipping it $4.99.

  3. I use this Scotch-Brite system and love it. It scrubs really well and doesn’t fall apart like other paper-y brands.

  4. I’ve done this and the rebate check showed up in the mail.:)

  5. Does anyone know where I can use this coupon? I don’t know of any stores in my area that will still accept printed coupons like that. They claim that they are getting too much fraud and don’t take internet coupons anymore.

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