I don’t know what it is, but I like it

By Mir
August 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t have a Value City near me, but apparently for three days only you can take $20 off your $50 purchase.

It’s causing me some pain to know a coupon that good exists and I can’t use it. Ow.

You can look for a location near you and maybe get yourself some savings.


  1. The website helpfully tells me that my nearest store is 1731 miles away.

  2. 1372 for me. Weekend trip? LOL

  3. My nearest is also 1700+ miles away. That made me laugh. I got all excited when I had results!

  4. Mine is much closer, but still across state lines. No thanks.

  5. Mine too is in proximity, also across state lines. My hubby works in MD though and I forwarded to him in case his coworkers may be interested. 😉 Somebodys got to take advantage of this one!

  6. Beautiful Mir, There is 3 in Georgia. Value City is a Kmart type store, and they also have a furniture store. Hope that helps.

  7. We’ve got a Value City here in central PA! 🙂

  8. Rock ON! I have a Value City here and have just returned from using the handy $20-off coupon. Thanks, Mir!

  9. Mir — you’re pretty. I have several near me (one in a nearb TAX FREE state!!)

  10. Yeah… 600 miles, give or take. I guess that’s probably more than $20 in gas money, huh?

  11. I saved so much money with this, thank you Mir! If you have a baby to buy for, then this is a great deal. They have all of their clearance items 40% to 70% off the lowest marked price, and they honor the $20 off $50 coupon in addition to that. All of the baby clothes that I bought were either Little Me, Carters, Izod, or Osh Kosh. So, not cheap stuff at all! I got new clothes for consignment store prices and the stuff was super cute- I’m all stocked up for the next 9 months or so. There were plenty of cute things in the toddler sizes. If you’re in the DC area, there is a Value City in fabulous Frederick, MD 😉 where I live. The “estimated savings” at the bottom of my receipt was over $200. My total for the shopping trip was $43.

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