All on sale at Lane Bryant

By Mir
August 12, 2007

Thanks to Rachel for pointing out (even if I didn’t remember to check my mail yesterday, oops) that Lane Bryant is having one of their 40% off everything dealies. Today’s the last day to use coupon code 000408189 for the discount.

Shop quick! (I will be over here breathing into a paper bag and getting the kids ready for the first day of school tomorrow.)


  1. Poor kids already have to go back to school…That’s one thing that stinks about moving from New England to GA. If they’re anything like the schools in TX, they will have the air conditioning cranked up so high your kids will be freezing!!

  2. the school i teach at is currently under construction, and they accidentally dropped something on the air conditioner so it doesn’t blow cold air anymore. i would much rather be freezing than hot. you can keep putting on extra sweaters/jackets in the classroom, but there’s only so much you can take off before they arrest you.

    oh, and thanks for the coupon code!! LOL 🙂

  3. you are soo pretty!! i’m newly pg, and i’m also a smidge *ahem* wider than i was when i was pg the first time, so, i need to buy new maternity clothes. hello, $50 maternity jeans for $30! thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. Better than ordering online is going to the store with your item number, color, etc., where they will them order it for you and ship it too you for FREE. It’s a good way to save on shipping, if you have a store nearby. And you can also do the order, try on, return to the store trick just as you can with Kohls.

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