Bedding, how timely

By Mir
August 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It looks like right now bedding is shipping for free over at Target, which is so handy, because did I mention that while our water lines were being flushed I washed my very favorite set of white sheets? (I didn’t realize, obviously.)

My very favorite set of white sheets is now—three washes later—ummm… ivory. Which is a bit better than what they were, and anyway, we are not going to talk about that, we are simply going to go browse the lovely sheets on sale. Yes.

(As always, the very best deals are in the clearance section, and I see there’s a ton of Isaac Mizrahi bedding up to 75% off that’s shipping for free. Score!)

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  1. I am liking Target more and more as their merchandise expands and gets better than our “local” equivalent, Shopko. Target had the best deals (and coolest designs) on school supplies so far this summer, too.

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