“Like an international Pier One”

By Mir
August 14, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve never shopped World Market before, myself, but this morning both Susan and Catherine emailed to let me know that through Saturday, August 18th, you can use coupon code WK28DEAL to take 20% off your $50+ order there.

And then Catherine was kind enough to explain what sort of store it is, because I live a sheltered life.


  1. Hubby loves them b/c he can get his English Heinz Baked Beans from there. You can never separate an Englishman from his Beans on Toast!

  2. It’s my haven for chocolate, although I dunno if I could spend $50 on chocolate. Well….I COULD, but I shouldn’t!

  3. To be fair, Carmie, it wouldn’t be $50 of chocolate. It would only be $40 😉

  4. We picked up the major Father’s Day present there two months ago. World Market is a great place to browse. Oh, and to buy.

  5. It is the best store. I am a purist, though, and insist on calling it Cost Plus even though the World Market part of the name is trying to push it out. A constant source of struggle in my marriage. 😉

  6. Comparing Cost Plus to Pier One feels like comparing Target to Walmart… IMHO at least. lol.
    You have to try it at least once!

  7. Yes, they have yummy chocolates and treats, plus the amazing Illy coffee!! 🙂

  8. Cost Plus World Market and I are like *this* (visualize me squeezing two fingers together). I love their furniture. My dining room is completely decked out in their Cortese collection, and I receive constant compliments on it. The selection of chocolates and goodies (like Nutella and really good gnocchi) from all over are a special treat, and the prices on their wines are fantastic. There is always a deal to catch, and if you sign up for their email, you get all kinds of coupons to add onto other savings.

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