Dishes to go with your new silverware

By Mir
August 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So maybe you got in on that silverware deal yesterday and now you’re thinking you need some new dishes. Or maybe you have old silverware and need dishes. Who knows. Either way.

Right now Amazon is doing a promotion on Corelle Livingware where if you buy two 16-piece, 4-person sets you can take $20 off the total with coupon code ZU5NFNR4.

Everyone needs service for at least eight people, even if you’re just one person, because who wants to have to wash dishes all the time? (Okay, brace yourselves for the commenter who will claim to be feeding a family of twelve on service for six because it’s kinder to the environment, or something.)


  1. I LOVE our corelle dishes. We got the winter white when we got married as family friendly dishes and because they are WHITE, they go with everything and never get dated. I ahve a service for 12 and lots of serving bowls and platters. We’ve managed to break a couple bowls and a platter in 13 years, so I think I’ll look to replace just those pieces. I know people love their stoneware, but they chip, are heavy and take up WAY more space in the cupboard. I’ll stick with Corelle until I’m done eatin’!

  2. I love my corelle too but we have the ivy design which isn’t on here or I would be the first to buy some more. We just adopted two boys this week, bringing our family count to 9 so we could really use some new ones. LOL

  3. I’m going to third the love for Corelle!

  4. I don’t have the dishes, but I’ve had a Corningware bowl for over 30 years ago that looks like it was bought yesterday. That wedding gift has outlasted the marriage by six times, and counting!

  5. My wedding dishes were this beautiful beige Nokia stoneware… absolutely gorgeous. Went with everything. I still have the remnants of the set and love them.

    But it would cost me $18 or so to replace a cereal bowl. And I need three, and one plate, and three mugs. And they’re so heavy no toddler could be trusted to carry them, empty OR full.

    So a few years ago I took a tip from several mom friends and bought a couple of sets of Corelle in various coordinating red and black patterns. It’s not quite as classy as my first set, but it takes up 1/10 of the space in the cabinet, doesn’t easily break when it’s dropped, and should last me through the kid years with few (but cheap) replacements.

    I’m glad the new square plate designs aren’t discounted, or I’d be tempted to add another couple of sets. I love those.

  6. If you find something you like be sure to check the other pages. I saw a couple of items listed three or four times, and each had a different price. No difference in the set that I could see.

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