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By Mir
August 22, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Every time I post about Dale & Thomas Popcorn, no matter how good of a coupon I include, people come and complain that Wow, that stuff is way too expensive! So, yes, fair warning: It’s expensive. Too expensive for you? Don’t buy it. Problem solved!

But if you’d like to try it, go check them out and try coupon code NANNY7 for $20 off. That’ll get you one of their 6-pack samplers for about $16 shipped, I think. Yes, that’s still a lot. Yummy stuff, though, and great for teacher gifts. Or eating late at night while the kids are in bed. Just sayin’.


  1. Thank you!! I LOVE their kettle corn! I bought the 2 gallon tin for $17.95 shipped. Yeah! Plus, I can reuse the tin=) Thank you, lovely Mir!

  2. Yummmm.. I bet you could put bacon salt on it…

  3. Teacher gifts. Hear me, people. Teacher gifts.

  4. Thanks, Mir! I got the Chef Ed suggests tin for $22 shipped.

  5. I *love* their popcorn — there’s actually a branch of their store at our major metro airport, so my husband loads up on the cheddar chipotle whenever we have to pick someone up or drop someone off.

    BUT, I just had to let you know… there’s a version of their stuff in many grocery stores. The have a spinoff company called “Popcorn Indiana” that sells the same stuff, albeit not as wide a variety (there’s even a link to it at the bottom right corner of the Dale & Thomas site). Enormous red bags of the Popcorn Indiana kettle corn cost all of $3 at my local grocery store, and taste just as good as the Dale & Thomas stuff that costs umpteen times more…

    Funny, I always want to call them Dale & Evans…

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