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By Mir
August 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t know what this magazine is, possibly because I am old and decrepit and unhip, but it looks as though Spin is a more modern Rolling Stone. Or maybe I’m totally wrong and it’s all about making your own yarn. Either way, you can get yourself a free subscription if you’re interested.


  1. I have a free SPIN subscription, I think from one of your earlier posts, and I, apparently, am not hip enough because I routinely either give it away or throw it away, er, umm, I mean recycle it.

  2. I used to get Spin when it first started up back when I was a freshman in college (circa 1993). I loved it then! I saw an offer to get a subscription for free on an earlier post and jumped at it. I now realize how old and out of touch I’ve become because I don’t recognize a single band and I keep looking at these “kids” in the pictures and wondering how they could look at themselves in the mirror and then actually leave the house and go out in public dressed like they are! I have officially become a Fuddy Duddy! Thanks, Mir! 🙂 Now if you could find a free subscription to something aimed at the Red Hat crowd, I would get that just so I could look at the pictures and tell myself, “I will NEVER act like that when I’m THAT OLD!” Isn’t the AARP magazine free?

  3. My husband will love this. He’s a music junkie. Thanx!

  4. LOL – I agree with the first two posters. I must have subscribed for a freebie through your LOVELY site. But every time I find it in my mail box I think of how to *recycle* it a.s.a.p. 😛 I too find I am not so hip any longer…

  5. FYI: You can call the 800 number on the inside of any magazine and cancel a subscription. I have done it with magz that I am sick of.

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