Campus life just got sweeter

By Mir
August 28, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m still adjusting to living in a college town. For one thing, I feel very old a lot of the time. Those darn whippersnappers are everywhere! For another, parking is a nightmare. Hmph.

But I’ve just discovered Campus Special, and now I’m feeling much more kindly towards all of those students. Because there are hundreds of online coupons I can print out and use around here, and as we all know, I likes me some coupons.

Not all colleges/universities participate, of course, but if you live in a college town, check it out. Savings may be just a click away!


  1. Ooooh. This is fabulous. I live near three major universities so this is going to make my lunches way more affordable on the days I don’t get it together to take something from home.

  2. Nothing for Wisconsin? :::frowny face:::

  3. I my town, most of the coupons say I have to show my student ID. Which of course I don’t have ;(

  4. For the LOVE of pete — I can’t believe that the University of Texas isn’t on that list… I’m not a fan, but I live near one of their campuses… it’s a HUGE school… sheesh.

    Thanks anyway, Mir!

  5. Oh thank you! I am a nursing student at MCG in Athens, GA (part of the UGA campus). I am old – but I am still a student and I love coupons. Enjoy college town life Mir. I love it – especially during football season!!!

  6. More Athens, GA love here! *high-fives Stacy*

    That site is awesome pretty pretty Mir! I’ve been here 4 years and hadn’t discovered that!

  7. Wow! Our local U isn’t on the list yet, but who knows? Thanks for letting us know about this one, oh Pretty One!

  8. OH YEAH! Moving to Chapel Hill in two weeks… will sooooo use these. There’s even a $500 coupon off a car at “Michael Jordan Nissan”. LOL

  9. The entire state of Louisiana doesn’t exist according to that list, awesome. :/

  10. HEY!! Athens has an Uncle Otto’s!!! You’re holding out on us!!!

  11. I love these coupons!!!! I am going to write the company and tell them to print at more schools. You should write in too. Lets sign a petition that they should be at every school in the country!

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