Now I want espresso

By Mir
August 29, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did you know that your local Starbucks sells coffee machines? I had no idea. But they do! And apparently they’ve just marked this little baby here down to $99 (half price). It’s not available online, but call or visit your local shop(s) to see if they have any.

The forum where I read about it was reporting that if only the display model is left, Starbucks is selling those for $75. And with any coffee machine purchase, they should be giving you a free pound of their coffee, as well.

Now, I know $99 is a bit steep for many readers here, but this is a commercial-quality espresso machine. An excellent deal if you’re a true coffee snob. (I’ll confess that if my husband drank coffee I’d be trying to find a way to justify this, but with me as the only coffee-hound in the house I just can’t do it.)


  1. If I thought my husband wouldn’t shoot me for it, I’d go get it right now! He drinks coffee, but not the fancy kind – that’s just me! As much as I try to recreate the Starbucks experience at home, I just can’t get it right. The frappucinos come close, but not the hot drinks.
    If anyone knows how to recreate them without a fancy machine, please stop by my blog and let me know!

  2. I’ve crunched the numbers here and if you use this machine regularly instead of going to Starbucks, it will pay for itself in about 6 weeks. Five if you get a display model.

  3. Do these only make espresso? Or can it froth milk too?

  4. nevermind – I can’t READ! DOY!!!

  5. We bought a Krups espresso machine earlier this year, and it has saved us major $$$. My DH really likes making his own coffee creations. We keep a couple bottles of syrup in the cupboard – did you know that Starbucks sells their syrup for $6.95 a bottle in the store? Same price as the stuff from World Market! Awesome. If we didn’t already have one, I’d be running to my nearest SB.

  6. Just some update – these machines used to retail for $450. Then, they marked them down to $199 and yesterday down again to $99. This machine is not the ONLY thing they are clearancing. They are selling a $1200 automatic delonghi machine for $499!!! And a cuisinart machine (I think) also for more than 50% off.

    I got a lovely graphite Starbucks Barista in Graphite with 1 lb of espresso beans (usually $10.49) for a total of $104 and change after tax. How sweet is that. Thanks so much Mir! My anniversary is in 6 weeks – our 14th and we have been saying SINCE WE GOT MARRIED that we should get a high quality espresso machine. We don’t go out for coffee, but we would sure enjoy a step up from regular coffee on occasion and for this price? You DON’T have to use it daily to justify the price.

  7. uuuuuuugh. i’m the only coffee drinker in this household! but i waaaant it. totally whining, now. i guess it wouldn’t hurt to call starbucks and see if they have any. if they do, it was meant to be… right?? 🙂

  8. My next door neighbor works at Starbucks. I wonder if he would buy one with his employee discount…nah. The fact that he gave us a bag of Sumatran beans is enough.

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