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By Mir
August 31, 2007
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I want nothing more than to sit down and go through the Amazon Friday Sale, but I suppose I should get these kids of mine fed and packed off to school, first. Feel free to do some surfing on your own, or sit tight and I’ll be back with highlights in a bit.

Okay, I’m back. (Through the magic of technology, I’ll bet you didn’t even know I was gone!)

I see that Brigitte already has her eye on this cock trap, and I don’t really know how to tell her that I don’t think it’s quite what she thinks it is. (But if it’s any consolation, I’m guessing you could probably do something dirty with this bike stand. Just sayin’.)

Warning: Don’t wear this t-shirt to work. (Unless you’re self-employed, Like me. I could wear it, I guess. In which case… hey!)

You almost never see Chacos sandals discounted like this. (If you’re unfamiliar, Chacos have excellent arch support, which is unusual in a sandal. Good for people with foot problems.) If you like those (and pay attention, because only some colors are on sale), I’d urge you to buy them from Zappos and do a price match. You’ll save a little more, and have free returns if you need ’em.

The other moms at the PTA will make fun of me if I tool around on a big tricycle, right? Oh well. Maybe in thirty years.

Pardon me, as I haven’t said this in a while and I’m a bit excited. But: SCOOBA!!

A luxury palace for your ferrets. No, really. (And here’s one for your dog, too.)

I’ve been wanting to try bamboo towels ever since I heard of them, and here they are at a great price. (Get your eco-friendly warm fuzzies and save some dough. Awesome.)

Ooooh, my favorite sheets are on sale again. Where else can you get 600 thread count king sets for under $30? Nowhere, that’s where.

I am both fascinated and horrified by these pillows. Do I want gel inside my pillows? I do not know.

Two words: gift closet.

I love this breakfast set, partly because it ships free, partly because it’s made my “Winsome Wood” and only a little because of the actual item.

Alright, I’m tapped. Happy shopping and stay safe this holiday weekend. (That means don’t got all hopped up on hamburgers and accidentally pay full price for something, yo.)


  1. “Do-All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4 Cock Trap” – I don’t even want to go there.

  2. Bamboo towels are not all that great…..they feel so wonderful and soft, but they just seem to rub the water around on your body instead of actually drying you. I always felt…well, um…moist after my showers. It required me to “air-dry” after I towel-dried.

  3. That bike would be wonderful for my adult autistic daughter. She could never get the hang of balancing on a two wheeler.

  4. Sheets, mmm, very tempting. In my efforts to save energy and money, I’ve been drying all my laundry outside, and some bird had the nerve to crap mulberries all over my 500tc white sheets. I think I ought to be able to stain stick and bleach out the stains, but I’ll always KNOW that the sheets were defiled. But if I buy new sheets, I won’t really be saving money, will I?

  5. Ewwwww look at all those ferrets! There is just something wrong when someone wants that many ferrets. Or one ferret. No offense ferret lovers.

  6. Ferrets are very lovable and playful. You’d be surprised!

  7. I’m definitely buying that trike! I’m going to attach a honkin’ 2-kid trailer to it so it will be the human-powered equivalent of a miniwan. I can handle razzing by PTA moms. I’ll be laughing at them as I pedal by them filling their tanks at the gas station…

  8. I am very intrigued by the SCOOBA. How does it go around all the table and chair legs in the kitchen? Do you have to move all the furniture or put the chairs up on the table or something?

  9. I ordered those sheets two Friday sales ago, I ordered King, and they arrived QUEEN! Of course hubby was the one who didn’t notice, and washed and dried sheets before noticing when he tried to put them on our bed. I guess one day the guest room will have a queen bed with nice sheets, sigh. Today, I’m trying again!

  10. I’ve seen several big trikes about this summer – looks like they’re a new trend.

  11. Ok, I’ve got to ask – how do you get up the nerve to use white or cream colored sheets? These are a great price and I really need a second set for my King bed, but I’m scared to death of white sheets! No stain/discolor issues? Do you have to bleach them all the time?

  12. I’ve only ever had white sheets on my bed. My mother still swears by chlorine bleach, but I’ve found that the Oxy cleaners (there are several out there now…) in hot water do just as well and are not as toxic.

  13. Ewww…these comments took a surprising turn!! Hee, hee

  14. The ferret and dog cages were great. We went shopping for a travel cage for our rabbits and saw some amazing pet structures. And that was just at Fleet Farm!

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