If you’ve been waiting for a deal on a Dyson

By Mir
September 3, 2007
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Today may be your lucky day.

I get emails asking for deals on a Dyson more often than just about any other request. Apparently it is the vacuum to have. (I wouldn’t know, because I have a Kirby. I love my Kirby, because it keeps my biceps toned. I turn up my nose at vacuums you can actually lift without breaking into a sweat.)

If you’re wanting a Dyson, go enter Dyson in the search box at Target and check it out: All Dysons are currently shipping free, and come with a $100 Target gift card.

Not enough for you? Oh, alright. Go ahead and use coupon code TGTENTZY to take another 10% off your order. With the coupon, the DC07s will be just over $359 ($259 if you count the gift card), and the top-of-the-line DC17 just over $494 ($394 if you count the gift card). (Pssssst! Apparently $80 from the purchase of a pink one goes towards breast cancer research, too. I could totally justify a purchase on that alone.)

And really, if you can’t celebrate Labor Day by buying a new vacuum, what else would be appropriate?


  1. ooooh… if i didn’t already have one, i’d be drooling. i’m eyeing up that slim model of theirs tho… hmm. 🙂

  2. Growing up, we had a Kirby too – it cost more than my first car, and weighed almost as much too. But for an old school vacuum, boy did it did suck up an awful lot of dog hair!!

    I have a Dyson, after having been through about 3 vacuums in 5 years (OK, one was a hand-me-down, but still …) I’ve had my Dyson about a year, and I still really like it – which is pretty good for me! It’s a bit big, which doesn’t bother me (see note re:Kirby above) but it really doesn’t lose it’s suction over time, it’s super easy to empty out, and did I mention it has really good suction?

  3. How is it with stairs? I hate doing stairs. Our Kenmore is great otherwise, but their stair attachment? forget about it – especially when someone has long hair in the house!

  4. I’ve had a Dyson Animal for 4 years and it still works great! It is pretty heavy though, so if I had the money to spare I’d buy another one and keep it upstairs.

    Melissa, the stair attachment works well. The hose reaches almost to the top while the vacuum is at the bottom. Then I have to carry it upstairs to finish the top couple of steps, but since I’m taking it up anyway it is no big deal.

  5. Thank you for the promo code–with 6 animals shedding in my house, my current vacuum just can’t keep up! I’m getting my Dyson, finally! Maybe I’ll just leave it downstairs and keep the other vacuum upstairs! Flexibility is a bonus.

  6. You just saved me a TON of money! I’m one of those people it just hit at the right time. Our vacuume is broken. I’ve been eyeing the Dysons and have read such great things in all kinds of reviews but I couldn’t afford it. I am also currently in need of a new booster seat already picked out at Target. SO – I put the cash on my credit card (bill paid for month – check!) Got 10% off – your coupon code expired before I got my sh*t together but I found another. Free shipping. I saw at the Target store that there is a 5 year warranty which makes me feel alot better AND got (or will get) my $100 gift card to pay for the booster seat. The only bonehead thing I did was forget to order the cute pink one which would have helped breast cancer. Darnit. I tried to change it but it was too late.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know you saved one person a ton of money today 😉 Perfect timing!

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