Happy Wednesday!

By Mir
September 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s been a long time since I found anything I needed in the JC Penney Wednesday Deals, but I am mesmerized by those Furgles things.

And by “mesmerized,” I mean “I am going to have nightmares about them.”


  1. I cannot resist:

    “Wednesday Deal–Deal or No Deal” Game

    It’s no deal for me.

    Thanks for exposing us to the Furgles, Mir!

  2. Furgles are awesome! ThingFling used to sell them fairly often and I picked up one of the Furgle screen cleaners. Works great. I did pass on the speaker set, but really, they’re cute. Really. 🙂

  3. That Rustic Storage bin for $39 would be great for a playroom (2 or 3 of them would, actually) and is way cheaper than the Pottery Barn Kids/Land of Nod equivalents.

  4. Free shipping with code THNKAUG (exp Sep 10, 2007)

    15% off order with code SURVAUG (expires Sep 28, 2007)

    It seems as if you can only use one code per order.

  5. The codes that Melissa left needed a 9 digit authorization code with them. Anyone have these?

  6. Igot my Furgles at ThingFling.com…just watch there. I paid $5 for a 2 pack, I think

  7. The THNKAUG code’s authorization is 0337642975

    I didn’t need one with the SURVAUG code, not sure why…

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