It’s a tent sale

By Mir
September 6, 2007

(When it’s online, where exactly do they put the tent…?)

Hey, there’s a big ol’ tent sale going on right now at the Disney Shopping Outlet. Plenty of great stuff has been marked down, so you may want to go have a look.

And, uh, if you find that tent? Lemme know. That’s gonna keep me up at night.


  1. I am having problems getting the links. I know a couple of months ago someone sayed how to do it, but if you could post that again, it would be great. I have norton internet security.

  2. i feel foolish now. i thought you had a site that was running a sale on tents (we need one), so i got all excited, but then i was really confused. 🙂 i get it now!

  3. Really cool deals! Since this is Disney, remember everything is magic! The tent is inside your mouse! Eddabody sing – It’s a small world after all! Get that one out of your head!

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