Spelling tests and cookies for snack

By Mir
September 7, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Friday means something altogether different to my children than it does to me, which is as it should be. Someday when they’re older, I shall share with them the sacred ritual of the Amazon Friday Sale. I do think they should be making more than $1.75/week when I tell them, though.

We used to use one of these tandem thingies for the kids when we biked; it’s so much lighter and easier than a bike trailer, and it teaches them how to balance, too. Plus they get to feel like a big kid!

This isn’t the one I have, but I’ve heard excellent things about this GPS unit. And you know I believe strongly in GPS. I have a very close relationship with mine.

Need a sewing machine? $159.99 for what looks like a pretty good one, there.

Maybe you’d prefer a stroller for your dog. Yes, really. (Hey, I don’t make the stuff. I just point it out.)

I believe the technical term for this baby is big-ass fan. In case you still need one.

Sometimes people ask me how to figure out what would be good “gift closet” items. I’ll buy something like these ornaments and then when Christmas comes around, instead of giving someone the set, I’ll break it up and give each teacher a batch of cookies with one of these attached, for example.

I know it’s impractical, and I would never buy it (because I have no one to give it to), but I sort of love this pocket watch. I just think it’s pretty. Does anyone carry a pocket watch anymore?

I am off to start my day; have a great Friday!


  1. Mir – I love this site, and you are very pretty. I would like to respectfully disagree and say that this http://tinyurl.com/c9yy5 is a big-ass fan. 🙂

  2. Bike trailer thing. Very tempting. You see, I have this issue with getting my son to school. School is only a mile away, so we can walk, but walking with someone who is not yet 5 is very, very slow. Even if I give us a full half-hour, we still wind up arriving just a few seconds before he’d be Officially Late. So I drive him, and suffer agonies of guilt because I am DRIVING him ONE MILE to the school I selected specifically because it was close enough to walk! I can’t have him ride his own bike to school, because A) I don’t trust him near busy roads, and B) his school has no bike rack.

    So the bike trailer seems like a good idea, assuming that I’d be able to ride back with the trailer part empty. But those reviews are very mixed… and oh yeah, I don’t own a bike.

  3. My husband owns a pocket watch! (And he wears it, which is an important distinction.) I always hated that he didn’t wear a watch, and when I happened upon the perfect pocket watch for him, I realized that he was a POCKET watch guy and not a WRIST watch guy, which is why he never wore one. I showed it to him before buying it to make sure he’d wear it first, and he agreed that he would like to have one.

    I think they’re pretty cool, and many pants still come with the nifty little pocket watch holder (even though most people have no clue what that little pocket is for).

  4. I have my great-great grandmother’s pocket watch from 1850-something. It’s beautiful but would need to have it fixed to use it. Considering I hate wearing a wrist watch, maybe I should consider this.

    Thanks for pointing out the Lenox ornaments, I ordered the bells and the angels. Brilliant idea for teachers, and they are probably tired of getting Bath and Body Works hand soap from me anyway. When in doubt, I go by the rule “give what you’d like to get” and I would love to receive these ornaments.

    As my kids say, you’re a rock star, pretty Mir.

  5. Oh, I’m also guilty of buying a “set” and breaking it up. I have a few co-workers who need to be appropriately “gifted” each Christmas. This would help.

  6. As a former teacher, I’d cheer over a Christmas ornament or anything consumable (including that BBW hand soap, groovecatmom).

    Please don’t buy teachers apple or chalkboard kitsch. They have enough– more than enough– already.

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