Because it’s the wrong reason to have a hot lap

By Mir
September 17, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, I think I may have mentioned that during the last big Mac deal I finally got myself a new laptop. (I know, I know; outrageous expense! Spending the dollars, it pains me! But it’s a business write-off and a much-needed purchase, so I am trying to deal with the anguish as best I can. Like by whispering sweet nothings to my MacBook.)

Guess what I’ve discovered? It gets hot. This is not so much a problem when I’m sitting at my desk, but when I’m lounging on the couch with it? Kind of uncomfortable. So I’ve been cruising around looking for a good laptop cooler.

I’m grooving on this Antec Notebook Cooler at, because it’s got USB-powered fans (cool!) and free shipping and a rebate (I know, generally I don’t like rebates, but Buy is pretty good about them), making the grand total just $9.99. And it’s got great reviews.

That seems like a small price to pay for a cooler lap and decreased chances of frying your computer.


  1. Also good if you are a man who hopes to sire children. Don’t want to be fryin’ those, either! I’m getting one for my husband, stat!

  2. so far, i’ve been using my lap desk. but i’ll soon need something more portable. (broke down and bought a new mac this weekend. old one is dying. it pained me to buy it, because of the price. but you’re right, it is a write-off.)

  3. I found a cool item at Office Max. It’s double sided (ain’t everything??) and one side is wider for a larger laptop. It works just fine. About $30.

  4. Long-time reader, first-time commenter checking in to say that after using a cheapie notebook fan/cooling system, we got this one (also with rebates, sale) and it is awesome! No problems with the laptop overheating since.

  5. Consider an iCurve for when you are at your desk and doing heavy work (Lots of Photoshop, installing a bunch of software – anything that makes it heat up more than it normally would. I had my Mac sitting on a desk when I was installing some software and the thing overheated and we had to let it cool and then do some fancy-smancy keybord stuff to get it started up again. $20 for the bot of plastic is way cheaper than paying a tech at the Genius Bar to fix it AND give you dirty looks…

  6. hey, mir. if you haven’t used google checkout before, you can get an extra $10. that makes it, like, free and stuff!

  7. I have a five year old iBook that I LOVE (But am unabashedly drooling over your MacBook).

    I discovered this little issue as well, and I came up with my own “cooling” system. I use a half-inch three ring binder (the super-skinny one) and some of that anti-skid shelf liner stuff. Glue said anti-skid stuff to both exterior covers of the binder. The laptop won’t slide off, and the binder won’t slide all over the counter. And it keeps some freedom of air movement under the laptop, so it doesn’t overheat.

    Makes it slightly more ergonomic, too.

    Hope this can work for you. Save money on a laptop cooler to spend on more *important* things. Like Bacon Salt.

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