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By Mir
September 21, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Even though I am—as usual—extremely psyched for the Amazon Friday Sale, I have to confess a bit of disappointment that this week cannot possibly top last’s. It just can’t. That’s because during last week’s Friday Sale, I got a new ice cream maker for $2.48.

(I had a gift certificate balance. And a promotional credit from a problem with a prior order. But dude—I got an $80 ice cream maker for under three bucks. I needed a cigarette after that deal, and I don’t even smoke.)

Anyway, here’s wishing similarly excellent shopping karma for you, this week.

Supposedly red is very hot this season, and I’ll confess that I’ve started looking for a red purse for the Fall. This red bag is too large for me, but it’s really cute, and guess what? It’s not just shoes you can price match. If you like that bag, go buy it at Zappos and with the price match you’ll pay about $58 for a $260 bag.

It’s not a rock-bottom deal, but if you’re needing a bike helmet for your child, I’ve gotta say I’m digging that dragon.

Only at Amazon can you buy your ice cream maker, purse, and inflatable kayak all in one trip. God bless America!


Still need some sheets after all this time? (Sheets deals being my second-favorite, right after shoes.) These ones have great reviews. (Now is a good time to remind you to always always always read the reviews. Some of the sheets in the Friday Sale are cheap for a reason.)

Dude, do I really want gel in my pillows? Hmmm… at that price, maybe I do.

Gosh, I wish there was an easy way to make all of my dishes smell like cinnamon apples. Oh wait—there is!

Is that a fancy stick blender in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Brew your own with Mr. Beer. Or just spend a lot of time mocking your husband in your best Mr. Bill voice. (“Ohhhhh noooooo! Mr. Beeeeeeeer!”)

Oh, look—my new ice cream maker is on sale again. I can’t guarantee you can get it for $2.48, but it is a mighty fine make of frozen confections. Just sayin’.



  1. Until just a moment ago, I had no idea that such a product as the “Fire Defender Flame Retardant Mattress Cover” existed. This has got to have pretty limited appeal, only to that niche market of people who regularly get drunk and fall asleep with a lit cigarette, and I’d think that those people are far more likely to spend their disposable income on booze and ciggies rather than discounted housewares. For the rest of us, what good would it do? “Honey, wake up, the house is on fire!” “I’m not getting up, I’m too tired, and besides, I’ve got that new flame retardant mattress cover on the bed. I’ll be safe and comfy here.”

  2. I feel the same about flame retardant pajamas. Unless you live in a house of smokers, WHEN will a child ever come in contact with an open flame while wearing pajamas? If your house catches fire, do you think that he or she will be licked by flames? probably not… but would die because of smoke inhalation.

    So, because of bureaucrazy (no, that is not a misspelling!) ALL baby and children pajamas either have to be itchy/icky polyester which are flame resistant, but ew… OR super tight cotton pajamas and if you have big built kids like I do? It’s torture just putting them on and that’s even with going up a size… now… we subject our poor kids to this and what do WE wear to bed? Do WE wear super tight pajamas? Do we wear polyester pretending to be cotton? I bet not…. That is a HUGE peeve of mine!!! For my youngest I made cotton flannel pjs for him… need to do that for my little one now because I’m tired of strangling him each night to ready for bed. Either that or I’m buyin ghim a bunch of sweats!

  3. Ooh! That’s the ice cream maker my parents got us for a wedding shower gift–it is really really awesome and you will love it. SO easy and makes just the right amount, I think. PLUS, it comes with basic ice cream recipes, which is nice. They also gave us an ice cream recipe book, but it was mostly fancy kinds, and while Caramelized Walnut-Fig-Creme Fraiche ice cream sounds delicious, and will get made sometime…pretty much you just want your basics.


  4. I gotta say that ice cream maker is pretty great. We have had that exact one for years and have made many quarts of yummy ice cream. Plus, with each batch being only 1.5 quarts, it isn’t too much to have in your freezer at one time.

  5. hey, mir… I know I’ve said this before, but, uh, I kind of LOVE YOU, and also you are very pretty, of course. the home brew kit is something my husband’s been wanting, and today is his bday, and I hadn’t figured out what to get him that I could afford AND he would enjoy, and I can AFFORD A BREW KIT now, so… you pretty much saved my ass from a lifetime of being reminded of the year I forgot to give him a present. THANK YOU!

  6. I don’t know WHY I’ve not been here before, but I think this officially makes you my hero.

  7. Amazon has a great deal right now on magazine subscriptions.

    Buy 2 and get an instant $10 rebate. Not dirt cheap but if you need to buy gifts or just want a new subscription not a bad price.

  8. I’m waiting for a good deal on a decent food processor. I finally convinced husband that we need one.

  9. Let me just say that I am totally loving the bag. It is simply fabulous. And the stick blender, my daughter would love if I got that. She is 16 months and loves fruit smoothies but I rarely make them because the reg. blender is a pain to wash. Now, I have a little shopping to do.

  10. I gave in. Two weeks in a row on Amazon Friday? I was menat to order that ice cream maker. I had a $10 gift cert, too, so it was a good deal. Now off to the yummy free popcorn…

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