Howzabout some free pearls?

By Mir
September 24, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Alert (and pretty; don’t forget pretty!) reader Jamie noticed that over at Overstock, you can get a free pearl necklaceicon right now. And it looks like the O-Day thing is still going on (for another few hours, anyway), which means shipping is just a buck.

Are they top-quality pearls? Probably not. Will they be worth a dollar? I think so. Enjoy! (Thanks, Jamie!)


  1. I got them for FREE! I think my Club O membership must have given me free shipping too! Let’s see if this actually goes through and gets delivered to my house 🙂

  2. Super! Thanks!

  3. Hot dang. If this goes through, it could be the most impressive deal I’ve seen on here yet!

  4. Wow, you really have to admit it’s worth paying NOTHING. Thanks for the tip, all three of you (Jamie, Mir, and Divrchk). I agree, though: Let’s see if they arrive now…

  5. That’s wild! Here’s hoping it doesn’t go the way of the Amazon goof-ups of past, and gets rescinded. Just think of how lovely I would look wearing $1 pearls whilst nibbling on my Oh Mama! bars…

  6. Shipping was’s the last day. Very cool!

  7. I have yet to leave a comment and I have visited your website daily for probably a year! I have snatched up many of the deals that you tipped us off about! I just feel compelled to give you a big thanks.

  8. Mir and Jamie, you are both very, very pretty. And now I can be a little bit prettier too in my $1 pearls.

  9. That totally rocks. If I don’t want them, I know my daughter will.

  10. SHUT.UP. FREE pearls and FREE shipping! Wahoo! Thank you, gorgeous Mir. I am not sure how this is possible, but I went with it and my order is complete. Sweeeeet!


  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have alerted me to two deals in the past week that are now really cheep Christmas presents! If these pearls look halfway decent I have just spent $1 on someones gift. Awesome.

  12. Unbelievable! Thank you so much!

  13. Wow, now I can wear my pearls while I clean the house in a poofy dress a la June Cleaver….NOT!!! The pearls will be given to my daughter, I think. I am going to bully husband into getting some for the other daughter.

  14. Okay. I tried this yesterday and it didn’t work. Guess I just needed the WantNot love!

  15. Completely awesome. 😀 $1 pearls ordered.

  16. Ok, I was wrong, even; looked back and it *was* with free shipping. I’m telling my friends.

  17. Woohoo, I actually made it in on a fab deal! Well, assuming it actually goes through. I always seem to get canceled on these things. But I gotta try! Thanks!

  18. oooooooooo burn! i logged in, with the pearls in my cart, still marked $0. after i logged in, they were up to $19.99. dangit! i missed it by 20 minutes! (it’s 12:20am EST right now.) bummer. oh well — glad you ladies scored some free/cheap pearls!

  19. I’ve never posted, but couldn’t resist commenting after coming across so many great deals! I just ordered the pearls, it did show up as 19.99 in the cart, but it was subtracted as a coupon in the total. Since I live in Utah I had to pay sales tax, but my total was $1.07. Great item for the gift box, and if they do turn out looking cheap, great jewely for my daughter’s dress ups! Thanks for finding these great deals and sharing them with us!

  20. They are still 0.00. For some reason my shipping was free too. So a free pearl necklace. Cheers!

  21. Jamie is VERY pretty. =) Thanks!

  22. It worked for me too, thank you SO much for posting this!

  23. SWEET! Thanks for the fabulous tip!!!

  24. I just got them, but found them on another site first. Sorry, Mir! At any rate, they’re still there.

  25. Oh how I love free stuff~

  26. So, evidentally the free pearls promo runs til 10/1/07. Well I imagine sooner, if they run out. I don’t want to be greedy, but shipping is 2.95. Someone let me know if/when they have another shipping promo. 😉

  27. Ordered them this morning. Had to pay $2.95 shipping but still… Thanks.

  28. Amazing.

  29. I just ordered them and shipping was $1.00. I think because I am a member of Club O? Shipping was $2.95 at first but when I logged in it changed to $1.00. Pretty Cool!!

  30. WOO! I have no idea what I’ll do with these–they’ll probably become someone’s Xmas gift. But! $1 pearls! I, too, got the $1 shipping (probably Club O related).

    Thanks, Mir! This one is awesome!!! I love this site.

  31. I got them for free for some reason! This is amazing! I don’t care what they look like – they are free! I hope they come!

  32. I just got an email letting me know that they have already shipped. I was afraid to open it, thinking it might tell me that it has been canceled instead. Nope, free pearls on the way! Thanks, you guys!

  33. My free pearls shipped too! Horray for lovely Mir! (and us too, of course)

  34. I ordered one for me and then I opened a new browser and signed my Mom up for 1…LOL


  35. Has anyone received these? My order was also shipped on the 25th, and has not yet arrived. No tracking number, and the information in My Account shows a link to an invalid tracking number of -1.

  36. same deal with mine karen. shipped the 25th, but i have yet to see them. and yep no valid tracking number.

  37. Same here – not received, no tracking available. But they sure charged my credit card that big ol’ $1. I e-mailed customer support over the weekend and am awaiting a response.

  38. Me four. Shipped the 25th and no sign of them.

  39. me five. Shipped the 25th and charged to the credit card, no sign of them either. Says they were shipped US mail.

  40. This is a snippet of the response I received to my e-mail inquiry:


    after reviewing your account I see that the order was placed on 09-24-2007 and shipped on 09/25/2007 via USPS. You should expect to receive the item on or before 10-09-2007. The delivery time frame for this item is 8-10 business days from shipped date.


  41. Ditto, ditto. Well, the 9th has come and gone. Still no pearls.

  42. I did their “Live Chat” and was told the following:

    Since you’ve not received the order, I’ll set up a trace with carrier to locate the missing package and notify this to our Specialized representative.

    A trace takes 4 business days to be completed. If the item is located, it will deliver the item to you immediately. If we are unable to locate the original order, a replacement package will be sent to you. The replacement order will be processed and shipped within 1 to 4 business days after the trace gets completed. It takes 8 to 10 business days to deliver from the ship date.

    You’ll be contacted by our specialized representatives regarding this trace within the 4 business day via email or phone.

  43. More following my live chat….

    I got email early this morning saying the trace was not possible and a replacement has been shipped. And another one just now saying they had processed my return and a replacement would be shipped in 1-2 days. Curious, since I didn’t make a return.

    I’ve never had a problem with before but this seems to indicate they have a few organizational issues. Still, for a buck, it was well worth taking the chance.

  44. I got the same response as kim, that they’d processed my “return” and would be shipping a replacement. I guess they had some trouble filling all these free orders!

  45. I just tried Live Support and received the same response as Kim. I hope the others who ordered pearls have check back here to see what is going on. Now to see if this order reaches us.

  46. i had contacted live support yesterday and got the same deal too, but i just checked my mailbox and there they were…i finally got them!

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