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By Mir
September 25, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I like to cook. I am a seat-of-the-pants cook, which means I often throw open the fridge, behold the ingredients within, and then type some of those things into Google along with “recipe” and take whatever it gives me and cross my fingers as I head back to the kitchen.

Oftentimes I’ll be cruising along with a recipe and it will say “line the pan with parchment paper” and I’ll think “Parchment paper? Who has that laying around?” And I continue on without it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it, uh, doesn’t.

But rather that just buy some parchment paper, being me, I’ll first try some for free. That way I’ll know whether I should buy some. Or something.


  1. You should buy some. I always line my baking sheets with parchment paper when I bake cookies, and I never have to wash the pans. I even force the paper into square baking pans when I make cinnamon rolls. If I’m cooking something like fish, corn dogs, or chicken I line the pans with foil. I am all about not having to wash dishes!

  2. use it for crescent rolls and other rolls too – you’ll never have a burned bottom again! (well, um… yeah.)

  3. Parchment paper rocks!

  4. Oooo! Thanks! Parchment paper really is good stuff. It’s worth buying. Guess that’s a not so frugal indulgence 🙂

  5. i use a silpat for cookies (um, not that i can have cookies right now) and foil for En papillote. but i’ll certainly give it a try, since it’s free & all.

  6. i lurve me some parchment paper. i’m sure you’ll be buying some after you use your free sample. 🙂

  7. A silpat is a GOOD investment. I learned the hard way though – it can not be used in a broiler. 🙂
    I have had mine, until I fried it, for 10 years.

    Parchment paper rocks for cakes, brownies – and the bottom of lasagna dishes.

  8. The first time I used parchment paper, I berated every cook I could find… “Why didn’t you tell me about parchment paper?” You’ll see.

  9. I also took YEARS to try parchment paper, and have no idea why I waited so long.

    It’s great under home-made pizza, too, if you’re brave enough to have a baking stone – pizza and paper slide onto the stone to bake, then back off it again to cut up!

    And it’s the ONLY way I’ll try shaped cookies (I never mastered how NOT to mangle raw cookies with the spatula).

    And etc., etc!

  10. I’ve thought about trying parchment (already have the free sample, just haven’t opened it), but I can’t find it in stores. Where do you all buy it?

  11. Ambient: walmart, your local grocery store, the dollar store, target…the list goes on. You’ll find it with the aluminum foil.

  12. I am also a “seat of my pants” cook, too, but I do keep parchment paper on hand for baking. That, of course, didn’t prevent me from requesting the free sample! I can always use more. Parchment paper is my secret to perfect cookies and non-sticking brownies. It really does rock–it will change the way you bake, pretty Mir!

  13. Parchment paper rocks…changed my world. Not a single burned cookie since I started using it. I use it for everything I bake now!

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