So beary cute

By Mir
September 25, 2007

I just died from the cuteness. Am dead now.

Check out this infant bear fleece from LL Bean. Four colors, newborn sizes (0-3 months and 3-6), and just $9! Be still my heart.

Make it sweeter: Use coupon code 7420440 for free shipping.

(Note to anyone I know personally who may be having a baby this winter: Um, you don’t want one of these. Nope. Look away. Look over there! Something shiny!)


  1. Oh the cuteness! I got one, thanks!

  2. Coupon did not work for me even though I registered. I ordered it anyway.

  3. Am dead with you. To quote you, my ovaries cried a little when I saw that.

    Everybody, now: AWWWWWWW!

  4. I can’t even figure out where to enter the code…. but will also order.

  5. I got two for new babies I know. The free shipping code did work for me. Your blog is so helpful. Keep up the great work!

  6. You continue to rock, Mir. We have a friend due in January…this is perfect. Too bad I just ordered some other stuff from LLBean and didn’t know about the code…it’s okay, though, because they told me the free shipped items would take 1-2 weeks instead of 4-6 days. Thanks again!

  7. Coupon worked for me — found a great wreath at 65% off too! Thanks, Mir!

  8. Yep, found the coupon part, page after you enter credit card info. Tab for promotions… 9.45 shipped, WOOHOO!

  9. Bought this for our baby, very cute! – Would make a good Halloween costume as well.

  10. OH MY GOSH, the cuteness is almost too much! I clicked on the link without any real intentions of actually buying one and when I got there I bought two (one for myself and one for a friend…we’re both due in November)! Love, love, love it! And the free shipping code worked for me, I just had to enter it into the Promotions tab. Thank you pretty Mir!

  11. Oh pretty MIR! You continue to amaze me with your finds. I have one grandbaby, just born a week ago, and another due in January. This was the perfect find! And I love those free shipping codes! Keep up the good work!!

  12. What a great deal! I was able to use the coupon with no account. Thank you Mir!

  13. What a find! I have a friend due next month, and this is PERFECT and so cute! I wish I knew what I were having (so I can order one myself) even though I’m not due until April 2008!

  14. mir, the baby’s coming this fall. so you better send that to me right away. you’re SO generous. heh.


    going off to take a look…

  15. ps) husband will probably hate it, but how can i resist? so very cute.

  16. Time between clicking link and completing sale (I bought it in the brown color): less than 10 minutes, and that included writing a post about how I wasn’t going to buy it. I almost bought a second one to give as a gift. I might still go back.

  17. Mir you are so very, very pretty! And now my friend’s baby, due in December will be ever so beary cute. We went for the natural for maximum beary cuteness.

    With free shipping! Yay!

  18. Omigosh, I don’t know anyone who is pregnant or even planning to be any time soon. That doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot because this is so cute I’m having a hard time not ordering it anyway. And what sense would that make? Must. Step. Away. From. Computer.

  19. Dang it. I’m not due until mid-March, and I don’t know whether it’s a girl or boy yet. I could get brown, but that’s only available in size 3-6 mo, which baby won’t fit into until later in the spring! Agh, the indecision!

  20. I ordered one also and the coupon worked for me. I think in the promotion part of the ordering. SO cute. I bought mine for a gift. Can’t go wrong for $9!!


  21. Wow, thank you! I just ordered one as a gift for a friend who’s due in Dec and sent this to other friends in case they need baby gifts this winter. Such a great deal! I had actually ordered from LLBean earlier in the day but hadn’t checked the website for the Tuesday special — thanks for tipping me off to that! I was able to phone in and get that great sale price, plus no shipping fee w/ my LLBean visa.

  22. ordered mine and hopefully he can use it (born end of January and they had no 0-3 left so I got a 3-6. But 9.00 and no shipping… how exciting!

  23. No fair — I bought two of these at an LL Bean outlet on Sunday for $12.95, and now they’re $9?? Our twins are going to look adorable this winter 😉

  24. Oh, I wish I knew if I am having a boy or a girl this time!! I really want to buy one for the baby I’m having this spring. My babies tend to be small for a long time so I know the 3-6 month size would still fit in the winter. But I’ve already got 3 girls and I know if I buy this in pink or lilac that I will end up with a boy! And at this point it would just be easier to have another girl so I’m not taking my chances and jinxing it!

  25. I must be too late – all I see left is Pink Lilac in 0-3 months. Cute as it is, I think it might look funny on the baby boy we’re expecting in a couple months!

  26. Johanna, did you see this?

  27. Thank you pretty pretty mir!! I got one (blue) for a shower present and the code worked!!!

  28. They’re back in stock, but $12.95 now. Still a decent price, IMHO, for something so very adorable.

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