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By Mir
September 27, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I never realized how empty and devoid of meaning my life is/was until I realized that I had somehow managed to live over 36 years without an insert for my post-it dispenser. If only I could get my hands on one. If only I could get my hands on one for free. Oh! Look! I can! (Use offer code n8r4ry.)


  1. I’m not sure I have a post-it dispenser. I’ll bet I can find one in my school building, somewhere.

  2. fun! i don’t have one, but i will soon! thanks, pretty mir. 🙂

  3. Just like you, they are very pretty. 😉 Thanks!

  4. I guess they’ll send the dispenser insert of your choice but you’ll need the actual dispenser…

  5. Pretty! I have several of those dispensers (perk of being married to a guy whose company was bought by 3M) and I’ve always pulled the ugly insert out and left it empty.

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