I’m a sucker for a kid on a trike

By Mir
September 27, 2007

Have a little one who’s just about ready for his or her first tricycle? Let’s see how long it takes Amazon to realize that this Kettler Supertrike 2 is a great deal at its current markdown price of just $22.40, shall we?

It’ll ship free on on orders of $25+, too, so throw in a book or whatever and you’re good to go. (This baby weighs 18 pounds, so that’s a significant savings right there.) Plus, every tricycle in the world should come with one of those parent push-bars. I’m thinking of lobbying to make it a law, in fact. That handy little bag on the handle there? Just the icing on the cake.


  1. Awesome! Sproglet’s 2nd birthday present sorted! Thanks Mir, you are SO pretty! 😀

  2. OK I was all over that one! I’m hoping this one gets shipped out before they notice 🙂 I tried for that doll house you posted about a few weeks ago, but they corrected their price and cancelled my order 🙁 My 2year old would love this one under the Christmas tree! Thanks Mir- You ARE so pretty!

  3. My baby is 8 months old. Why am I even looking at this?

  4. Thanks Mir! This is the perfect gift for my soon to be 2 year old.

  5. It’s a trend. The Boy in my house will turn 2 in a couple of weeks, and this trike should arrive in time! What a steal.

  6. oh this is a beyond-awesome deal! and it’s still available! i just bought my daughter a very similar radio flyer one two months ago for $50. is it bad if i buy it anyhow??? 🙂

  7. Ugh…just bought this and now this is the second thing that I have bought for my son, although he still isn’t old enough. By the time he actually turns two, he is going to have a closet full of great things if you don’t stop posting these deals that are too good for me to pass up!

  8. Awesome deal… but since my boy isn’t even born yet, I think I’d better hold back. *Forcing myself away from the computer*

  9. I would have loved one of these when my boy was a tot. Try teaching a blind kid to stay on the sidewalk with his trike — the parent push-bar would’ve been wonderful.

  10. Ooh, tempting. My nephew is only 3 months old, but I want to buy hime one. The problem is my un-mechanically inclined brother will just leave it in the box until Jackson is old enough to put it together himself.

  11. Got one for my nephew who turns 2 in January. Threw in a book and had it shipped to him (We live in Maine and he lives in Louisiana) for free. Love buying Christmas gifts over the internet and getting them shipped for free when your entire family lives 2000 miles away!! Thanks so much Mir.

  12. awesome deal! I bought it for the youngest son who turns 2 in a month!! Thanks Mir (oh and your so pretty 🙂

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