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By Mir
October 1, 2007

Hey, it looks like all games at Toys ‘R’ Us are currently shipping for free, and the Hasbro games are all marked down 30%. If you’ve been meaning to stock up this would be the perfect time to do it.

(I am developing a love of board games in my old age. The fact that they stack nicely in the gift closet is just an added bonus.)


  1. Oh pretty, I saw the circular for the game sale, I didn’t know they were shipping free. I think in store you get a $5 gc when you buy $25 worth. I’m guessing thats not the case online though, huh?!

  2. Since board games are a major hobby of mine, I’m going to take this opportunity to plug a great website for board games:

    They feature way more games than you’d ever find a Toys R Us, including a whole world of mostly European board games that are fun, family-oriented games. Click on Family along the top to see some great recommendations for family-oriented games.

    Their prices tend to be very good. And for bargains – they’re running a big fall sale now; also see “current promotions,” and “ding and dent” sales.

  3. We love board games too! I often give them as gifts for my son’s friends as well as family.

    A great game is Cranium Zigity, which is a card game. It is similar to Uno, except with educational aspects: you have to add up to 11 (math), spell words (reading), match musical instruments, or do a puzzle, depending on the card. My 7 yr old loves it and so do I! There are some games (like Clue Jr) that make me run the other way, but we love Zigity, Connect 4, Trouble, etc.

  4. Yes, you do get a $5 gift card when you spend $25 on the sale-games in the TRU store. We just did it yesterday – our 3 year old is very into games right now and it’s something we can easily do as a family.
    Tip: Our 3 year old daughter loves Hi Ho Cherry-O and it is very easy to play and goes fast so kids shouldn’t lose interest like with other games. Seriously, my daughter can’t sit still for anything, but we have no trouble getting through a few games of Hi Ho Cherry-O.

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