More games for the kids

By Mir
October 3, 2007

I know I just posted about some other games specials, but can you ever have too many games? No, you cannot. Unless you’re talking about Pretty Pretty Princess jewelry being strewn all over your house, and then, maybe, your eye will start to twitch a little, but… ahem. Nevermind.

Anyway, there’s also a games deal going on over at Amazon. Pick any two qualifying Hasbro games and get Monopoly Here & Now for free. Plenty of the games are on sale already, and they all qualify for free Super Saver Shipping on $25+.

(As an aside: Who knew there were so many different versions of Monopoly??)


  1. My girls love playing pretty, pretty princess……..all day long. They even convince my poor, unsuspecting husband to play sometimes. He is gorgeous in that tiara and earrings.

  2. Just an aside…please be careful letting the kiddies search “Toys” at Amazon. I was just there and found a very different kind of ‘toy’ nestled in betwen Fisher-Price and Little Tykes. Yikes!

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