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By Mir
October 4, 2007

Many of you have emailed this one in (thank you!), and I have hesitated to post it because I don’t feel like it’s that exciting of a deal, per se. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for one of this season’s new or sometimes hard-to-find toys, this may be the deal for you.

Through October 8th, you can take 25% off your order and get free shipping at The Hasbro Shop with coupon code 25FALL.

They even have those monstrous Furreal Ponies that give me nightmares, just in case you have a couple hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Enjoy.


  1. My baby has been wanting the Butterscotch Pony since it first came out. Then it was $299.00. Now at $269.00 with 25% off, I’m thinking maybe.

  2. Thanks, Mir! Michael’s nephew is getting the “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” game for Christmas. He loves that show, even though he’s only a fourth grader 😉

  3. click on special offers, go to the third page, and there is a Free case of play-doh with birthday bucket purchase which is only $9.99, then add to that the 25% off. Great gift closet item!

  4. My parents got my 4 yo Butterscotch for her birthday. She loves it and plays with it all the time. As does her 2 yo sister.

    However, my dog is completely freaked out by it because it is so real. We’ve had it for 4 months and the dog still sniffs its butt on a daily basis. Just warning you.

  5. What makes this great is that I have a $50 Hasbro gift card at home from one of their toy recalls… must shop. 🙂

  6. This is awesome, my son is into Star Wars now and you get a free action figure when you buy $25, then 25% off and free shipping, great deal!

  7. That playdough is a good deal!
    Perfect gift for anyone under the age of 7.

  8. See! I knew I wasn’t the only dork out there in love with the Hasbro shop.
    Yesterday I got my niece the Littlest Pet Shop (of horrors) Playground for $22 and no shipping. Compare that to the $55 it costs at Amazon! I was on a shopping win high all day… yes, I’m a dork.

  9. Woo! When you posted that great Lego Store deal I got a bunch of Legos for my husband for Xmas…and now I just picked up two Transformers items for him, as well! I even forwarded the deal on to the wife of his best friend, who is also a Transformers lover.

    Thanks, Mir!!! Love the toy deals for my 30yo mate!

    (The Dora Play-Doh set I picked up for his cousin’s 4yo son was great, too!)

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