Because it’s too early to start drinking

By Mir
October 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t know how your morning is going, but mine got off to a pretty rough start. I’m not going to say anything else about that, other than that if anyone is looking for an extra child, I may be able to help you out. Cheap! Ahem.

Anyway! Perhaps I can drown my sorrows in the Amazon Friday Sale.

Get your gadgets on: This one is a weather forecaster AND an atomic clock. (No word on whether it is also a floor wax and a dessert topping.) (If you are too young to understand that reference, you are henceforth a young whippersnapper.)

Attention crafty types: You can get a serger for almost 60% off today. It has pretty good reviews, too. I find sewing a button on rather taxing, so this isn’t for me, but maybe it’s for you.

What to put under your velvet Elvis painting: Why, one of these, of course.

Tools you didn’t know you needed: Sure, but how can you resist something called Mr. 7 Hands?

Not as dirty as it sounds: This hot lather machine.

Maybe not the right message: I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about a bicycle that says “numb” on the seat. Just sayin’.

This Transformers bike (and this one, too) sure is cool, but what I want to know is does it fold up into a soda can? Because that would be cool.

I’d nearly given up on this week’s sale as a bust, until I came across this Pinzon cookware set for 79% off (great reviews, too). Yowza.

Now that they’ve told us that plastic is evil, there’s going to be a run on cheap pyrex storageware. Here’s another set, too.

Nice silverware.

The unbreakable french press is back. I’m tempted, but I also don’t trust myself to make a decent cup of coffee before I’ve had some coffee, so it’s sort of a conundrum.

Hey, if you can’t find anything in the Friday Sale that makes you happy, guess what! There’s also a Woot Off going on today. And there goes any chance for getting any real work done. You’re welcome!


  1. Thank goodness, I really really really needed new cookware. You’re the bestest, Mir! Wet kisses from VA! Heh.

  2. I know this is a totally stupid comment to leave, but it’s now after 4pm. Can we start drinking yet? It’s been one of THOSE days!

  3. I must get my reading glasses on. I thought it said, “Pyrex Storage Set with Kids.”

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