It’s like a bonus Friday Sale

By Mir
October 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

As Amazon is wont to do when there’s a pseudo-holiday on a Monday, today and tomorrow they’re having a 48-Hour Kitchen and Home Sale with all sorts of stuff like they’d normally have in the Friday Sale.

Don’t forget that if you see something cheaper than you bought it last week, you can email in for a price adjustment. (Example: I paid $3 more for this Pyrex storage set which is now down to $9.99, which—for those of you still clinging to your plastic food storage—is basically cheaper than you could buy comparable plastics, minus the delicious toxins. Just sayin’.)


  1. Ooh … Thanks for this one. I ordered the Pyrex set, some new cooling racks (baking season is coming!) and a new oven thermometer … All for about $30 shipped. Thanks!

  2. Wow, pretty one, how do you know just what I’m looking for? My cousin asked for that Pyrex for Christmas. Now if you’ve got some ideas for ways to save on Franklin planner pages, that would be over the top perfect!

  3. I just nabbed the straight-sided saute pan (from Calphalon) that Hubby wants for Christmas, marked down to $26 from $40 — with free shipping. Score!

  4. I ordered two of the Pyrex sets! One for me, and one for a Christmas gift for either my mom or Michael’s. Can’t go wrong with a deal like that! Thanks, pretty Mir.

  5. Wow. We got a storage ottoman and the cooling racks (thanks for the heads up on that one, Heather!) all for a little over $38, shipped. We’ve been looking for something to put our magazines, etc. in and this one matches our loveseat.


  6. I bought these on Friday (received today). Do I just send a straight up email?

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