it’s O-Day, all day

By Mir
October 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Celebrate the discovery of this brave new world with the misnamed O-Day (misnamed because it always last for about three days; what’s that about?) and the chance to save big on something you’ve been looking at over at Overstock. Now through October 10th, 2007, you can save 7% on an size order and ship it for just $1 through that there link.

I love the O-Day percentage off coupons because it rescues me from that peculiar little OCD problem where there’s a coupon that’s so much off of $100, say, and then I spend an hour trying to get my order as close to $100 as possible. It’s a sickness. Thankfully, with this one, I can just order. Phew.


  1. I was just perusing and noticed that they have Caskets listed as a sub-category under Health & Wellness. That is completely freaking me out. Is it just me or is that odd? Might be helpful for Halloween though…

  2. Oh, I thought I was the only one who obsessed with pursuing the total for free shipping! I just like to get something for my money, instead of just paying the shippers. Call me crazy that way.

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