By Mir
October 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t see much in the JC Penney Wednesday Deals today, but they do have this margarita set for $9.99, if you’ve been looking for such a thing…. (Don’t forget that if you ship it to your local store for pick-up, you can avoid shipping charges.)


  1. JC Penney sure didn’t waive my shipping charges when I ordered from them and shipped to my local store a couple weeks ago! It especially ticked me off since they accepted my “free shipping” coupon and then charged me after the fact anyway. Hmph.

  2. A bit off-topic, but I finally heard from Eddie Bauer this weekend, and my shirt order was indeed canceled–10 days after the fact and the day after they were supposed to have been shipped. I don’t have a problem that they canceled the order, but I would’ve liked to have been informed earlier than 10 days into the order—perhaps right away since they already knew they weren’t going to honor it? Anyway, the last comment reminded me of that.

  3. I had the same two problems — Eddie Bauer cancelled my order (even after a long talk with customer service) and JC Penney didn’t waive shipping charges when I ordered this margartia set to be delivered to the store.

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