They had me at “butterburger”

By Mir
October 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t have a Culver’s restaurant near me, but apparently today they’re offering their famous “butterbugers” for just $1. Now I sort of wonder what sort of world I’m missing out on.

Maybe there’s one near you and you have a craving for some buttered cow today. (Wow, that didn’t sound right….)


  1. Culvers is AWESOME!
    Yum! Thanks.

  2. OOOOh. Yet another reason I am sad I don’t live in Wisconsin anymore.

  3. Ditto to the above. So sad. Awesome custard, amazing burgers, yummy cheese curds. Alabama is a LONG way from Culvers…

  4. YAY!

    Thanks for deciding for me, where I’m going to grab lunch today!

    Culvers moved to a town not far from me about a year ago, and is coming to MY TOWN soon! LOVE their frozen custard. The pumpkin pecan and carmel apple concrete mixers sound delish! Gotta try one! 😉

  5. Not one near me yet, but TWO coming soon…to Arizona. Who knew?

  6. ahhh… culvers. amazing. i was sad when i moved from wisconsin to ohio, because the phenomenon hadn’t caught on out there – but then i moved back to illinois, where there are three within reasonable distance of my house!

    mmm. you are SO missing out on the butterburger. and the custard.

  7. Culver’s are actually all over the country, so even if you THINK there aren’t any near you, you should check to be sure! (I know this because one of their recent tray liners featured a list of where they are located and it’s much more far-flung than I had imagined.)

    And yes…they are delicious. 🙂

  8. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to disagree with everyone. Culver’s is overpriced and not that good. The custard IS delightful, but that’s it. And the butterburger? The butter’s just on the bun. But “butterburger” sort of makes me gag.

  9. Culver’s is my favorite “fast food” place. I lived quite a distance from one when I was in IL but now that I’ve moved to MN, I have two within 45 minutes. Yum. I’ll never forget when my fellow admissions counselor (she’s originally from WI but we were both living in IA and traveling in IL for work) introduced me to their burgery goodness. And that was before I even tried the custard!

    I’d forgotten about this deal (I saw the commercial on TV), but thanks for reminding me!

  10. butterburger?? mmmmmmmm! thanks, mir!

  11. Thanks, Mir! I was just wondering what to do about dinner today!

  12. Just got back from eating mine. Yummy!!

  13. SO glad I didn’t remember this today 😉 Love you and your site – thanks for all you do, pretty, pretty Mir!

  14. Saw the deal on your site and found that they have Culver’s here in KY so we went. It was good, but not great. Nothing beats In-N-Out. (So glad we only paid $1 per burger 🙂

  15. Went to Culver’s and fed my family of six for $15 last night!

    I also went at lunch and fed my daughter and I for $4, but didn’t tell my husband. When we walked in last night, a cashier said, “Hey, weren’t you here at lunch today?” *Sheepish grin*

  16. We love Culver’s. We get the kids meal’s for everyone in the family, and it comes with custard. So, that to me is a bargain! (burger fries, drink and custard for $3-4) And if you save their little coupons on the kids meal bags, 10 of them will get you another free kids meal. We can do this easily, because grandma & grandpa give us their coupons too.

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