Risk insanity, get a free toy

By Mir
October 11, 2007

(How’s that for an enticing thought?)

Listen, you couldn’t pay me to go into a Toys ‘R’ Us store if I didn’t have to. I just find toy stores scary places, in general, filled with a lot of brightly-colored plastic and dozens of shrieking children whose parents seem to have vaporized. But that’s me.

If you’re braver than I am, you can print yourself out a coupon and go get a free toy within the next few days, no purchase necessary. Good luck.


  1. COOL coupon, however, I wouldn’t enter a Toys-R-Us for a free hot wheels basic car or a Littlest Pet Shop Animal if my life depended on it! THAT is not worth it!

    However, if it was STAR WARS or something my son likes… HELLO…can we say FREE CHRISTMAS PRESENT???


  2. Now it says coupon expired :(.

  3. Yeah my bad, page expired. Nevermind! Went into TRU yesterday after work and it was surprisingly empty of shoppers, had too much fun looking at all the toys my son would love… and walking out empty-handed.

  4. I printed out 7 coupons yesterday and took my 6 homeschooled children to the local Toys R Us just before the schools let out.

    My twins also had their birthday club $3 gift cards with them (they’ll be 9 in a couple weeks) so we walked out with $13 worth of free merchandise (we went for the Hotwheels as we thought the pets were ugly, LOL!).

    It will sure help the gift closet. Thanks!

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