This Friday, Fall arrived

By Mir
October 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! When I got up today it was 45 degrees outside, which means that Fall has officially come to Georgia. (Why, ’round here, that’s considered so cold, I think folks get out their mittens.) Thank goodness I have the Amazon Friday Sale to keep me warm. (Oh, and my husband. Hi, honey!)

Anyone looking for a set of back up sheets? Or even primary sheets? (Don’t forget that when they do something like list sheets in, say, California King and the color canary yellow, they often have other sizes and colors. Just sayin’.)

These noise-cancelling earmuffs are good for mowing the lawn, attending NASCAR, or parenting small children.

All I’m going to say is that this is about 50% off. You can come up with your own joke.

This may be the week that I get myself some of these solar tiki lamps; it’s the lowest I’ve seen them go.

I don’t really care that this set is 72% off… throw in the dog, and then we’ll talk.

Have stinky shoes (or need a filler item for free shipping)? Check out the sneaker balls. Their motto should be “not nearly as dirty as it sounds!”

Wow, this treadmill was a deal even before they made it eligible for free shipping. Now it’s a steal. If only it came with a personal trainer who would heckle you into using it, right?

If you or someone you love suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, I cannot recommend the Apollo GoLite highly enough. I bought one during a Friday Sale last year after years of working with a huge, bulky lightbox. This works just as well (better, really, as the blue light is less obnoxious, plus my old box didn’t have a timer) but is so tiny. Huge thumbs up from me. (And this is less than what I paid for mine, too. Hmph.)

Oh, I know it’s sort of passe to use hair rollers anymore, but the Carusos are the Cadillac of the hair roller world. Great price, this.

Got pizza? (Or maybe a wedding you need to buy a gift for, but don’t want to spend a lot?)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Did you notice the dog agility kit comes with ribbons?

  2. I’m still laughing at the toilet seat?!?! Of course in Maine during the winter that might actually come in handy…just saying.

  3. Thanks, Pretty Mir, for all your tips! I just wanted to say that we have a heated toilet seat. Not this one, a different brand, kohler I think. I sat on one in a restaurant in Alaska and vowed to find one for my own home. Lemme tell you, in my state (Minnesota), in a drafty older home, that warm seat is really nice! And my aging father LOVES it. I’m just sayin’.

  4. Thank you! I just ordered the treadmill.

  5. The Freeze-tite wrap is the best. I don’t get along well with plastic wraps, but I have no problems with this stuff. That is a fantastic price. I’ve been paying $9.95 plus shipping for it.

  6. I just finally got a spare set of sheets for our King bed. Can’t beat that price! I did notice after ordering that it doesn’t mention being woven with single-ply yarn per pretty Mir’s suggestions for sheet buying. Hopefully that won’t be a problem.

  7. Pretty Mir, they finally have dark colors of Pike Street sheets. Do you know, how deep are the pockets? (ha, ha) You have a set, don’t you? Specifically, I’m looking at the 350TC ones.

  8. Of course, now I see that they do mention 13in. Hmm.

  9. That toilet seat made me laugh! Sure, I’d like the warm seat, but the deodorizing and aromatherapy aspects made me giggle.

  10. The toilet seat is $200! But will it make the boys in the house aim properly? And will they put it down when they’re done? those are the $200 questions.

  11. That’s a great price on the hair rollers! I used those all through my pageant and theater years (ages 9-19) and they are the best, hands down. There is a learning curve involving steam burns, but so worth it! They are so much lighter and more comfortable than other rollers, which are usually heavy and pull your hair.

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