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By Mir
October 15, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Never know which moisturizer you’ll like best? Jergens will send you samples of three different varieties to help you decide. And they just happen to be our very favorite price! Go sign up and by the time your winter skin is really getting bad, you should have your lotions.

(Jergens isn’t your favorite? One, stop being so picky. Two, little samples like this are great for tossing in your purse, even if you favor a different brand at home. Just sayin’.)


  1. P.S. They are also great for having in a cute little basket (along with hotel shampoos, soaps, etc) in your bathroom/guestroom for guests. The holidays ARE coming!

  2. I had signed up for the Jergens samples last time you posted it. I received the three in foil-like packets. The 2 Dove samples came in very nice bottles though. 😉 better for the guest bath. These are great for the purse though!

  3. And speaking of terrific deals, have any of you received your $1 pearl necklace? I got an email from Overstock three weeks ago saying it had been shipped, but it hasn’t made it to my mail box. (Maybe its being delivered personally by an oyster, and it’s having time getting over those pesky mountain passes.)

  4. Ha – had the same problem, the overstock necklace took forever (and two online chat sessions from the overstock website) to make it to my house, but it did finally make it (yeah). I guess we overwhelmed them with our orders and the oysters couldn’t keep up 🙂

  5. I had just been wondering WHERE in the heck my necklace was and then today it arrived. It was packaged nicely in a fancy overstock envelope, and inside a little drawstring bag. Too bad when I took it out of the bag it came all apart. (I had read that others had received broken strands too) Oh well. Mine was free, so it’s hardly worth the trouble to complain. I’ll just save the pearls for some future jewelry project and repurpose them.

  6. I got mine the other day, and it was broken, too. Maybe I can use them for something else.

  7. On the pearls, it’s worth contacting their customer service. Mine were broken too, and I had a chat session with a CSR – just to let them know about the quality issue. He immediately put in a replacement order for me, and I don’t even need to return the first strand.

  8. I too had to contact Overstock a few days ago about not getting my pearl necklace. A “replacement” was shipped. Still haven’t gotten it. But it will probably be broken from what I’ve read!! Oh well, only a $1!

  9. I’m not concerned about whether my necklace arrives broken or not (sounds pretty likely), because I’m planning on making earrings. Just THINK of all the earrings a necklace-worth will make! I’m just glad to hear some of you are receiving them. We’ll see what Mr. Mailman cooks up for me today.

  10. Ooh! I got mine yesterday (Monday, Oct. 15th) and they were in one piece. Not bad for $1! 😀

  11. Wanted to follow up and say that I received my pearl necklace. The string was broken as well as the clasp! A little ironic that it came with detailed instructions on “how to care for your pearls”. 🙂

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