Because cold and flu season is upon us

By Mir
October 17, 2007

I came across this today and thought I’d share it for anyone who’s not yet joined the Cult of the Rice Pillow.

I won’t let my kids use heating pads because I’m a paranoid mother and I’m always afraid they’ll burn themselves. But when they get sick, they always want something warm. Enter the rice pillow! I have one for each kid and they’re awesome—just pop ’em in the microwave (and know they won’t be getting any hotter) for hours of warmth and soothing aromatherapy. When they have tummy aches they take ’em for their bellies, and when they have colds I often just tuck one down in the bed to keep their feet warm.

This one is on sale at Amazon for $5.65 and is free shipping eligible. [Edited to add: Pretty Sarah pointed out that this one is even cheaper! Thanks, Sarah!!] If you’re picking up books or whatever you might want to toss one in your cart. (You know, if you’re like me and sewing impaired. I guess if you’re not sewing impaired you could make one.)


  1. one of the girls at my work takes a big ‘ol tube sock and fills it with rice. ‘cept when i borrowed hers, it smelled sorta funny, but i think that was just like, rice humidity or somethin. lol.

  2. also, may i post a totally unrelated question here, since i can’t get to my email at work?

    isn’t there a website that lists the coupons out of your Sunday paper? or is that something that i just made up and only THINK i heard about it before?

    also also, i’m sure you’ve mentioned this before if it’s true, but Bed Bath and Beyond takes EXPIRED coupons? or no?

    thank you. you’re pretty and i hope you don’t beat me now.

  3. Will those burn if you put them in the oven? I know I’m weird, but I don’t have a microwave but would really like one if they could go in the oven.

    Laura, BBB takes expired BBB coupons and non expired Linens N Things coupons. LNT will take expired LNT coupons too, but not ones as old as BBB takes.

  4. You can use deer corn to make them too. They make good inexpensive Christmas gifts.

  5. deer corn? what is this? how to make – please share! 🙂
    thank you!

  6. Elizabeth ~

    Deer corn is exactly what it’s name implies – it’s corn to feed deer. You can find bags of it at any store that sells hunting supplies (our WalMart carries it).

  7. We have a Bucky flaxseed pillow, and it is outstanding. And incredibly expensive. Thank you for a reasonable alternative to send to an elderly lady with painful bone spurs on her (yikes!) spine.

  8. Oh, thank you, pretty Mir! I got an eye pillow for my boy for $3.17. He loves mine and wants one of his own. Nice-smelling herbs, and it can be used cold or at room temperature.

  9. The hospital where I gave birth handed rice socks out to laboring mothers. Best. Gift. Ever. We still have the two I got, and the “baby” is now 7!

    Fill a tube sock with rice, add some lavender flowers, sew it shut. voila! Cheap moist heat aromatherapy.

  10. We have some small Mother Earth pillows that my kids call “cold pillows” because we keep them in the freezer for boo boos, one large one that we use for heat-comfort, and one rice-filled tube sock that I got during my last labor. All are equally loved!

  11. Are you sure the deer corn is dry enough that it won’t pop?

  12. Bah – I missed it! These are back up to $13.78. Drat. That will teach me to wait before I shop. At any rate, I did make a little rice sock for my ear-infected daughter, and she was happy. 🙂

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