Need a wii?

By Mir
October 17, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you’ve been trying to track down a Nintendo wii for the upcoming holiday season, they’re in stock at Amazon right now.

(It’s 1:20 ET. I predict they’ll sell out within the hour.)

[Edited to add: Dead at 1:28. Sheesh.]


  1. Wow, that went fast!

  2. dude. you should be a psychic. hehe. i bet you could get ESPN for cheap, too 😉 (GET IT?! hah. i kill me.)

  3. I have the wii…know any good deals on games?

  4. Seriously, after a year, Nintendo can’t get enough out to meet the demand???

  5. wow, that’s impressive for it to still sell out that quickly a year after release. 🙂

  6. We got ours at a GameStop. I had to call to a couple of them, but they had one at the closest store.

    Stacey, GameStop also has good deals on used games, but I’m always up for more deals, so if you have them, pretty Mir…

  7. Actually, we got our games when Mir posted the buy two, get one free at Toys R Us, which saved us quite a bit on a game. My husband and I had both been wanting one, so we got the ones we wanted, selected a third together, and we were off to the races! I think she posted another one of those the other day, too. If so, that’s a good place to get them and they arrived super fast as well, which was a bonus.

    I really need to share our Wii story. We had received a really large Best Buy certificate for our wedding last year and then another good-sized one for Christmas PLUS we already had another fairly large certificate from Best Buy for signing up our broadband service with them. We had enough to buy a Wii and only pay tax on it. Unfortunately, neither one of us are line-waiters (I refuse to wait all night), so we didn’t get one right after Christmas as we had hoped. My husband was calling Best Buy every morning to find out if they had any in yet. I, however, had just started a job where I was working with the public, and a college student came in one day in early January and told me that he had just bought a Wii with his roommate. I asked where and he told me Best Buy! I was getting excited and called my husband immediately after I helped the customer, and Neal ran right out to get one. He went back to where the Wiis are “normally” kept (by which I mean, where they keep the price sticker for it, but where there are never any Wiis) and they were gone. He asked a salesperson when they expected to get more in (they never knew anyway and never told when they did know, apparently) and the guy told him that they had a few more left. They had stacked them by a pillar behind all the XBox 360s (of which there were many left and they obscured the view of the two tiny Wii boxes left) and he hadn’t been able to see them.

    He, of course, grabbed one and ran to the counter. We ended up paying about $15 (some tax) for our Wii.

  8. My son and wife were looking for one for the boys for Christmas. Son works next door to a walmart. Walked in at 1:15 p.m. yesterday afternoon and they were stocking SIX! He got one. I’m impressed too they sell out so quickly after being on the market for a year.

  9. I think they sell out because people buy them and sell them for double the price on eBay. But I’m not bitter or anything. ; )

    We eventually got ours online at Walmart. You have to buy it with a three game package, but you want some other games with it anyway, right?

  10. We finally scored our Wii Saturday at TRU. Walked in to buy halloween costumes and walked out with a Wii

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