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By Mir
October 22, 2007

Last night as we sat out on our deck eating dinner, I was admiring our new tiki lamps and thinking that it’d been a while since I reported back on various items to let you know what I think.

First and foremost: Getting these solar tiki lamps for $30 was a great deal. My husband installed them all around our deck and they look great. I’m sad that they’re made of plastic, because the lights themselves are really cool (not only do they really look like flickering flames, they’re LEDs so theoretically they’ll last forever). I don’t know how the plastic is going to hold up to the sun and heat here, but right now I’m really pleased with them. Hopefully the price will dip again.

I finally got my free pearls from Overstock this weekend. They’re nice, especially since they were free. I know a lot of you received broken strands (and please do contact customer service if that happened to you), but mine are fine.

I’ve got my Dale & Thomas $20 gift card here on my desk… not sure yet what I’ll spend it on. Teacher gifts, most likely.

And last but not least: After picking up this ice cream maker for some insanely low price a while back (my trusty ice cream maker was cracked in my move, grrrr), I finally used it to make strawberry sorbet a few days ago. The fact that the base turns while the paddle stays stationary freaked me out at first, but the results were delicious.

What was your best score lately?


  1. I am a newbee to Dale & Thomas popcorn. I snagged the two free samples (plus $6 shipping) and I didn’t share either…YUM! I plan to purchase some for the DH for Christmas. I have yet to receive the gift card.

    I have picked up something from Coldwater Creek almost every time you have posted a 40% or better discount. THANK YOU! I enjoy the style and quality of their clothing and jewlery.

    A long while ago you posted buy three ITunes cards from Best Buy and get a third free….LOVED THAT ONE!

    I’m waiting on my Lean Cuisine lunch bag that was linked to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I’m still lugging around a recycled gift bag for my daily lunch.

    I enjoy opening the mailbox and the boys saying, “Did you get any free samples today, Mom?” I’m surprised how often the answer is, “YES!”

    So glad my gal pals shared this site with me. I stop in many times a day to see what’s up.

    THANK YOU pretty Mir!

  2. i was just wondering about my free pearls this weekend… my overstock account shows that the order was “accepted” but there’s no shipping information, and i haven’t recieved them.

    i’m also beginning to wonder about my lean cuisine breast cancer awareness lunchbag. i haven’t heard a thing about THAT either. *hmph*

    hopefully soon.

  3. Thanks for mentioning to contact customer service on those pearls that arrived broken. I thought, “Eh, for free, what can I expect?” But I did go ahead and contact them and they are shipping me another strand. They said it was more cost effective for me to keep the broken necklace, so I’ll probably give the pearls to my mom for some craft thing.

    I’ve not received my popcorn coupon yet, but I have greater hope hearing you’ve received yours.

    And we went ahead and got three new Wii games when you had that deal on Toys R Us, which turned out to be great since we both got a game we’d personally been wanting and then compromised on a third for both of us–a lot cheaper than if we’d waited or purchased them all separately. Thanks for that tip! (Our Christmas stash is almost complete as well, thanks to many of your deals.)

  4. I got my pearls last week and they were fine! Thanks for the tip!

  5. The Dale & Thomas big honkin’ 2 gallon bucket of popcorn for $15 shipped was definitely a great deal and was much appreciated around my house! If only that one came around around the holidays, I’d be all set! The $25 off at for using your paypal account was also a great deal because I snagged a 600TC king size deep pocket sheet set for like $20 shipped! My wallet and I thank you for the tips, Mir!

  6. I’m glad to hear people have gotten their pearls. I finally contacted them this weekend since it had been 3 weeks since they supposedly shipped. They are sending out a new order!

    Mir, that ice cream maker is funky. I have the same one. But it is WONDERFUL.

  7. No pearls or popcorn or popcorn coupon yet, but I LOVE my silverware from Amazon.
    I remember reading on the Susan G. Komen lunchbag that it was going to be awhile before it shipped. *checks email confirmation real quick*– Yup, I ordered mine on 9/2 and it says 8-10 weeks before its shipped.
    Thank you beautiful Mir for an awesome website! You are looking oh so fabulous today!

  8. My pearls arrived on Saturday, and I’m really tickled with them! They were in great shape. I wouldn’t pay $49.99 for them, but for a buck, I’m a happy woman. You rock, Pretty Mir!

  9. The pearls arrived Saturday and will be a lovely gift for my twelve year old cousin.

    I haven’t gotten the D&T free popcorn yet, but I’m already scoping out a good hiding place.

    The YummyEarth candy bins were a fantastic find – now we have five teacher gifts.

    And I got the KitchenAid 16 piece knife block at the Amazon Friday Sale for $30. Great gift!

    Thanks so much for all the deals, Mir!

  10. I’m currently eagerly awaiting a box from Sierra Trading Post, full of stuff I ordered last week after getting an email offering 30% off of $75+. I can’t wait to see the shoes I ordered for my son (because they are SHOOOOOES) — I ordered him a pair of wee weatherproof Ariat hiking boots and a pair of you’ll-grow-into-’em Kamik sandals. I insist on buying sandals with closed toes, which aren’t easy to find, and with the discount they were under $13. Even better, I am teaching him early about the joy of shoes… I showed him the sandals, and he insisted on seeing every view (“click larger view, mama!”) and he greeted each picture with a “coooool.” I also scored a present for my mom’s birthday next month and a couple of Christmas presents.

    I’d forgotten about the popcorn certificate until you mentioned it just now. I’ll use that for a Christmas present… I could be mean and send it to my in-laws who are permanently Atkins-ing. Do you think it would show them the error of their carb-shunning ways?

  11. I got my pearls about a week ago and they weren’t broken, but I guess that’s what freshwater pearls look like? I wasn’t very impressed with the size of the pearls and there was no way I would have paid $49.99 for that. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Ooh! I got SUCH a great deal on that Legos clearance stuff you posted a few months ago–I got my husband three Bionicles and the super-gigantic-deluxe Batmobile Lego set for Christmas. The Batmobile was half off! It was SUCH a good deal, and I know he’ll be thrilled.

    On the topic of “toys for my 30-year-old husband”–I also jumped in on that HasbroToyStore deal a few weeks ago and ordered him two Transformers toys that he will love. As well as a Dora Play-Doh set for his cousin’s little boy for Christmas.

    And I got my pearls and they were lovely and will be given to my cousin for her high school graduation in the spring. And I’m eagerly awaiting the appearance of the D&T gift card, which will buy my husband some of his beloved chocolate & peanut butter popcorn. (Seriously, he just mentioned again yesterday how much he wanted some.) Clearly my husband is the true beneficiary of this site.

    And yes, the free samples are always nice! The Garden Harvest chips were very tasty and handy to have for lunches.

    Everything you post is great, Mir! Thanks so much! I check back here 409283 times a day…just in case!

  13. I got my pearls last week and very nearly tossed them into the recycling! I had forgotten that I’d ordered them and didn’t expect them to come via USPS so when I took all the junk fliers out of the mail box and the slim package with ‘Overstock’ on the package, I assumed it was all for the recycle bucket. I just happened to decide to open that and glad I did! Wonder if anyone else had that same inclination?

    I have the same ice cream maker and LOVE IT to death. I used it all summer and am going to make some today too.

    You rock,


  14. I’m kicking myself over 2 recent deals from this site! Should have ordered a second $9 LLBean bear fleece, am needing another new baby gift any day now and that would have been perfect. And my sister & I went in together to order a couple of those photo heart totes from Red Envelope to reduce the sting of the shipping. (When we ordered 2 they were about $13.50 each with shipping.) We each got the bags for our MIL’s but after seeing how nice they are now are wishing we had ordered 2 more to keep for ourselves! 🙂

    Thanks for all the great deals, I too check back frequently for updates!

  15. I have scored many, many deals as a direct result of your pretty (gorgeous) efforts, but the most memorable by far, my best deal was: TWO (not just one, but 2!) L. L. Bean backpacks for under $25 shipped. My friends are still talking about that one.

    Still waiting on the popcorn certificate, but since it’s worth the wait, I’m ok with that. FOR NOW!! 🙂

  16. Let’s see… I got my coupon, and I love Chick-fil-a.

    I got a $100 skirt from Talbot’s for $35, plus a few other wardrobe items.

    I’ve got two magazine subscriptions at rock bottom prices, and I know I’ll love them.

    Those are only a few! You’re the best, Mir.

  17. Thanks to the 60% off sale and the free shipping offer you posted a few weeks ago, I got Halloween costumes for my 3-year-old twin boys – big foam-sculpture Lightning McQueen and Mater outfits, that they wear around themselves like a sandwich board only much, much cuter – for $35 TOTAL, plus scored some Christmas presents for them, plus a couple of T-shirts and some pajamas, all for less than $100, and shipping on those giant freakin’ costumes was FREE.

    We did a trick-or-treat thing at the zoo yesterday, and the boys ADORE their costumes (all day today they want to wear them some more, when they aren’t cuddling with them trying to make out or something, in that weird way 3-year-olds do), and seriously – best $35 I think I’ve ever spent.

    So thank you very much, pretty pretty Mir. 🙂

  18. M, that’s too bad. I ordered one and now I’ve decided I don’t want it. Would you?

  19. It never fails…bring it up and WHALA…
    The Lean Cuisine lunch bag arrived today.

  20. My husband works from home so I just placed an order with Zappos for work shoes (slippers) for him and used the price protection feature you’ve mentioned to get a few dollars knocked off because they were a few bucks cheaper at When I called to get the price match, the nice guy I spoke with also emailed me a $10 off coupon. So guess who has new Danskos on the way now? I’m not sure that saved me money overall but I’m really excited about the shoes. And I never would have done the price protection guarantee if you hadn’t mentioned it. It really was super easy.

    I also ordered from Land’s End with gift certificates I had floating around and got free shipping, thanks to you! New parka on the way to me!

    We’ve enjoyed the Dale & Thomas sample packs at home and at my office. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my $20 gift card.

    I’ve loved tons of the free samples of things you’ve mentioned.

    Thanks for all you do! I love this site.

  21. By far, my best Want Not deal was that $250 bonus by signing up for the Chase credit card. SCORE. That got me a weekend at a secluded cabin w/ my hubby for a Father’s Day gift.

    The $80 off the Britax carseat for my incoming fella was a great bargain, too.

    And I’ve learned the secret of waiting for stackable deals/codes/sales at Children’s Place and then dressing my little gal like her mom is an obsessed mall-shopping fashionista– but for a price just a hair above what I’d be buying her clothes for in the thrift shops.

    I used to hunt for my own bargains, but now I just check here to see what other people have found. (The comments often yield great deals and tips, too! Your readers are awesome.)

  22. Hi!
    I just checked out your site and I am hooked!
    Thanks so much for all you do and I am definitely going to vote for your site if it’s not too late!

  23. Oh, I forgot to mention my best bargain EVER!
    I went to the Domestications clearance center in Pennsylvania and snagged a leather club chair (recliner) for only $50. Gorgeous and comfortable! Mind you, I had to drag the sucker up to the register because I couldn’t leave it on the floor because the bargain vultures were circling it and of course at a place like that, service is hard to come by. It was worth it and I remember that day everytime I curl up in it with my cashmere throw ($25-small stain on the fringe) and read a good book.
    Bargains rock.

  24. I must revise my earlier deal touting. I just received a $49 wool herringbone blazer from L.L. Bean’s Tuesday deal last week. It’s beautimous! Thick, and soft and the color is lovely. This will be a Christmas gift for my sister that looks like a fortune. Thank you again, Mir!

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