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By Mir
October 22, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m going to insert my standard disclaimer right at the outset, here, which is that in general I dislike deals that involve rebates. I’ve gotten burned several times on them, although I am going to offer up this deal, anyway, both because 1) it’s a nice product at a great price and 2) this is one store where I have done rebates successfully.

That said, here’s the scoop: Today only, is offering an $80 rebates on the Logitech USB Silver QuickCam Ultra Vision. It normally retails for $99.99, but assuming the rebate goes through, you’ll pay just $19.99 when all is said and done.

(My husband, the photographer, said something about how having a glass lens on a webcam is rare and it means better quality. Sometimes when he talks photo I only hear “WAH WAH WAH” so I can’t tell you anything else, but he said he wants one, so there you go.)


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