Free candy at Kmart

By Mir
October 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Several folks sent this one in to me (thanks, everyone!), and I guess now I have to go to Kmart. Just print out this coupon and you can go redeem it for a free bag of candy up until Halloween.

I suppose the idea is that then you give the candy away to trick-or-treaters. But if you kept it for yourself I doubt they’d come take it away. Just so you know.


  1. And then you need to find a Kmart….
    Good luck!

  2. YAY! – for once we have a store here. This will help with some of the overcost that this halloween is becoming!

  3. K-mart here (in southern Ohio) would not accept a computer printed coupon… so no candy for me Grrrr

  4. I already know that the K-Mart here won’t take printed coupons either. I used to have a Sears card that allowed you special printed coupons for K-Mart as well. K-Mart refused to honor any printed coupons or even attempt to verify them as long as they were printed (even though they came from the Sears website).

  5. It working just this morning at the Kmart in Olympia Washington. Thanks for posting this!

  6. It worked at my Kmart! Thanks for the posting!!!!

  7. I’d have to go to Green Bay to get the free candy. Drat. Our KMart died a few years ago, just after they built a Super Big K store.

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