Something to read to the wildlife

By Mir
October 24, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you live out in the country like I do, you may be wondering what to read to that pack of deer that show up in your yard every night, or to the squirrel who’s been snacking on your deck. But wonder no more! Very pretty reader Chrissy reports that if you go right on over here you can get a free 3-year subscription to Living the Country Life magazine! That’s one magazine a quarter for a total of 12 issues. Thanks, Chrissy!

(Don’t worry; animals tend to be slow readers and it’ll take the whole quarter to get through each issue.)


  1. I couldn’t resist even though I don’t live in the country. Its asked for your acreage when signing up, I thought I would be rejected, lol! I don’t have a full acre, but I was able to round up. Anyhoo, It appears we get 18 issues free, 6 a year! So the animals will need to pick up their reading pace.

  2. i have one acre of land. okay, no i don’t. but the thingie thinks i do, now. but, fool me twice, because the first time i put in 0 for the acreage, and unchecked the email offers box, and it rejected me. so, the second time, i put in 1 acre, but then forgot to uncheck the box. d’oh. 😛 were i a smart cookie, i would have put like 1800 acres, so then they’d think i was like all rich or something. *too much time on my hands*

  3. thanks for the link! my parents just bought a lake house in the middle of nowhere (in florida). they’ll be happily surprised to find this in their mailbox eventually.

  4. I think that magazine would just depress me about my 1/56th of an acre, with a single tree. Stupid suburbia.

    That’s a good deal, though. Thanks Mir!

  5. I ordered it so that I can dream and also so I can bring the old issues to school for my students to use in collages. The pictures in this magazine must be glorious.

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