Bad at math, good at savings

By Mir
October 30, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So I got this email from Classic Closeouts that said Hey, we’re offering free shipping on every order for 48 hours only!

Then it said that the promotion starts today (October 30th), and ends on November 4th.

Math was never my best subject, but that one did leave me scratching my head a bit.

Regardless, use coupon code CJHALLO to ship your entire order there for free, regardless of size, for… well… for two to five days, I guess.


  1. haha! that is a good one! 😀

  2. Has anyone reading this purchased any baby clothes from Classic Closeouts? They are a great deal, but I was wondering if the quality was okay. I’m not expecting top of the line at these prices but I wanted to make sure they didn’t fall apart in the wash ;). I was also wondering about their service. I read on some consumer opinion website that their service isn’t so hot?? Thanks for any info.

  3. Jennifer — I have ordered the Bebini clothes for my daugher…and they are TOO CUTE! I have not had any problems with them falling apart (so far). Some of them come in nice little packages – great for gift giving. The only reviews I saw for Bebini was on Amazon…a few folks mentioned the colors were a bit off if it was a set, but I ordered 3 different sets, and they all looked good to me. I am getting ready to order more! Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you so much Niki and Mir too! You guys are all so helpful. I did purchase some clothes there for my daugther. The prices are so great. And plus, I’m always a sucker for free shipping.

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