Make your baby mental (in a good way)

By Mir
October 30, 2007

Dunno how long this one will last, but here you go:

If you’re in the market for a stationary entertainer for a baby, you can’t go wrong with the Fisher-Price Jumperoo (it’s like an Exersaucer, but bouncier). And you really can’t go wrong with $49.99 delivered.

Great reviews, great way to let your little one work out some energy, and as the MasterCard commercials say—not having to lug it home? Priceless!


  1. Oh, we LOVE ours. Well worth it. Awesome gift, too. Two thumbs up from our house!

  2. My son loved his Jumperoo. He hated the swing, bouncy seat, and excersaucer but he would jump in the Jumperoo for as long as I’d let him. If only they made one for 3-year-olds!

  3. Yes, this really is a great toy. Our daughter loved it. We paid full price for it at a B & M back in the day.

  4. Must have been a pricing error – it’s $69.99 now.

  5. Bummer! It’s up to $79.99 now and it’s only 11:48 p.m. This would have been the POIFECT Xmas gift for my new little nephew. Grrrrr……

  6. Like Monica, our kid hated everything but the Jumperoo! She outgrew it so we sold it at a tag sale last year . . but she still remembers it. We were wishing they made one for grown-ups, that loooks like it could be exercise AND fun!

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