More shoe pricematching

By Mir
October 30, 2007

Before anyone says it, I’m pretending it’s still summer. Shut up. Actually, if you can buy ahead on things like this, you already know that off-season is the way to save the bucks.

These What’s What Women’s Tankerchief Slides will be $14.89 shipped from Endless, but the very same shoes are $55.95 over at Zappos, which means that on a pricematch (remember to make sure both places have the size/color you want) you’ll end up getting them for under $11.

It looks like plenty of colors and sizes are in stock, too.

(Yes, this is what I do for fun.)


  1. DOH! You are the QUEEN of pricematching, but I can’t play this game… I just *tried* to do it, after ordering from Endless. Whoops… I was on the phone with customer service (who were incredibly nice, by the way!) and realized I’d bought it from the wrong place and of course Endless couldn’t pricematch… they’re WAS the lowest. Oh well… cute shoes for $14.98. Hope they fit!

  2. Mir, I think you just like these shoes because they are described to “wrap your foot with prettiness…” Come to think of it, my feet could use some bargain price prettiness, too!

  3. Patience pays off…I have been waiting 4-5 months for dark brown slides. I hope these fit well! I have to admit, even though this was my second time price matching with the fantabulous Zappos I still got an adrenaline rush thinking “what if this doesn’t work?!” as I waited on hold for Lacey to verify. Silly me – it worked! $10.78!

  4. Grrr… lots of sizes – except mine! Oh well – thanks for the big feet, mom and dad!! They do have my size in one color at endless – $15 is still a great price for cute shoes!

  5. Ooh, I like these. Thanks for another great tip!

  6. MINE — they are MINE!!!! 10.78 baby!!! I LOVE you Mir– you are SO PRETTY…. 😉

  7. Ok…which one of you beat me to the size 9 Black???? Fess up!!

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