Repost: Jumperoo deal

By Mir
October 31, 2007

I don’t usually repeat a deal from just the previous day, but as several folks complained yesterday about the price going back up, I wanted to point out that the price on the Fisher-Price Jumperoo has dropped back down to $49.99 shipped, again. Go go go!


  1. My son LOVED his jumperoo, and so did I — he could burn off a ton of energy without having to be chased around! 🙂

  2. Now it’s back to $69.99.

  3. I just got the following email from Amazon after ordering the very much awesome Jumperoo at 49.99 earlier this morning.

    “Greetings from

    We regret to inform you that an error caused the following item(s) to
    be displayed at an incorrect price:


    Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo”

    They went on to say they had cancelled the order and how sometimes items are incorrectly priced on their site, oops our bad.

    That just sucks donky balls. 🙁 (I hope someone snagged a 49.99er that made it out of the warehouse. Kudos to you, if so!)

  4. I ordered it yesterday for the 49.99 and haven’t gotten an email like that. But it did say it wouldn’t ship until the middle of December. Which is fine with me because the baby isn’t due until next June lol.

  5. man, they raised the price already! Not that I wanted one, since I’m not having any more babies…but I wanted to see how quickly they raised the price again!

  6. I MISSED OUT AGAIN!!!! Can you please re-post if you see it back at $49.99? I want this for my nephew’s baby SO BADLY!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  7. I checked my email this morning to see that my order shipped yesterday and should be here Nov 5! So much for a 2 month wait lol

  8. Wow, April! The planets were aligned in your favor on that one. Congrats!

    Can I send my upcoming twins over to your place for some Jumparoo-ing? 🙂

  9. Wow, nice deal for those of you that got it. These Jumperoos come in so handy. Our son loved his when he was younger, though it earned the nickname “jumper-poo” for reasons that I don’t think you want me to describe in detail. Now we use it to hold up one side of the gate that protects our tv and Tivo from his sticky little hands. As I type this, he is holding on to the jumper-poo while he stands and dances to Sujan Stevens. Jumperoos, they never stop being useful.

  10. Ok, it’s Sufjan Stevens. And now he’s teething on the metal bars of the Jumperoo. Such good parenting going on in this house today.

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